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5 Key Advantages of LED Light Bulbs Over Halogen

by:Guangli     2020-08-06
LED (Light-emitting diodes) is considered the most energy-efficient substitute to other conventional types of light. This article provides a quick comparison of LED as rated against Halogen lights. 1. Estimated Useful Life. A typical halogen light bulb is estimated for only about 6,000 hours of useful life, as opposed to LEDs which can go for as much as 50,000 hours of use. 2. Stability of Color and Color Choices. LEDs are considered to retain their color even after a long time as compared to halogen lights which has a tendency to fade. The latter is also available in single colors while the former offers more color choices. 3. Radiation and other contaminants. Too much exposure to halogen lights can hurt the skin. This is due to the high concentration of halogen, quartz, mercury and other gases needed to produce its light. These dangers associated with radiation are not present in LED bulbs. 4. Energy Consumption. You can save as much as 75 percent of energy if you use LED. For example, a halogen spotlight generates a minimum of 250A�C. This temperature is more than enough to potentially damage the object being illuminated. (This same temperatures can be also be dangerous if the halogen light source come in contact with your skin or worse, if it gets near flammable materials.) The same amount of illumination can be given by a LED-based spotlight at a temperature of only at most 70A�C. At this temperature, you can even touch the lamp and not end up hurting your fingers. In addition, a lower temperature translates to lower heat which means lesser air conditioning needed to keep the room temperature down. 5. Cost At a glance, halogen light bulbs do cost much less than LED light bulbs. This is because of the high production cost for LED light bulbs. But after considering all the other factors, LEDs essentially outrun the halogen even in terms of cost competition. The initial higher cost of LED light bulbs is rather a worthy investment in the long run. In times when people are thinking a great deal about the environment, these benefits also lend favor to a sustainable planet. These five major advantages of LED over halogen bulbs show that putting your money on LED light bulbs will definitely benefit you in almost all aspects. LED is, for certain, the choice to make when choosing your next lighting design.
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