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A Few Tips Regarding Desk Lamps And Floor Lamps

by:Guangli     2020-06-13
Desk lamps or table lamps are very well suited to the task to which they are generally applied, that is, illuminating a small area to enable you to focus on the task in hand. They are available in a very wide range and are very useful. The classic style bankers lamp is a very popular item especially in an office environment. They are most widely seen with a green glass shade and a brass body, but they are also available in a wide range of colours, although the green is the most popular by far, and is the classic colour that most people think of when they heart the term 'bankers lamp'. Although called desk lamps, these types of lamps can be used anywhere, not only in the office, but in homes too. There is a massive variety of these lamps available, you will be overwhelmed by the choices in the marketplace. They vary greatly in shape and size and also functionality, they come powered by electricity mostly, although there are some available that run on gas and oil, but these are rare nowadays. There are models that run on batteries and therefore are cordless. There are models available that use the latest in lighting technology. There are some models of lamps with small built in novelty gadgets such as mp3 players and clocks. These will probably not stand the test of time and will not end up becoming classics such as the bankers lamp has. Modern desk lamps are available that occupy very little desk space, some even have a clamp type arrangement for fixing to the desk, thereby eliminating the need for a heavy base. They also feature cantilevered arms for directing the light to a more appropriate spot to suit your particular task in hand. They are also available with halogen lamps, led lamps, energy saving lamps and regular incandescent lamps, although with the huge steps in energy saving technology, the incandescent option is becoming less popular. One particularly effective type of lighting for working with, is the full spectrum type of lamp. This gives excellent colour rendition as well as overall improved visibility, which in turn, promotes better health as well as an increase in productivity due to these factors. The cost of this type of lamp however, can be prohibitive, with some models costing up to ten times more than their non full spectrum counterparts. The opposite of the lamps mentioned above would be examples of lamps produced during the late 1800's and early 1900's by the great glass artist, Louis Comfort Tiffany. His business, Tiffany Studios, produced a vast amount of product made from all types of materials and fabrics, but the most memorable of these are the stained glass windows and the Tiffany lamps. These old lamps are sold at auctions nowadays for many thousands of dollars, and are some of the most attractive on the market. Due to the diverse types and designs of table lamps available today, you should take a very good look around at exactly what is available before making a decision. You can do a lot of research online to discover the ranges available, and you can also see the ranges offered by different designers. This is one way of helping you to make the right decision and end up with the right purchase that you will be happy with for many years to come.
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