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About the maintenance of the LED rechargeable lamps

by:Guangli     2020-04-30
We all know every electronic product has a life, we all hope that its life period can be used for a long time, rather than to speed up the end of its life period, of course, for use while charging electronics is the most deadly. Actually LED rechargeable lamp also is same, let's say every electronic product (how to maintain Including students special lamps/LED charging desk lamp and some creative USB lamp) 。 First of all, for example: LED rechargeable lamps. We're going to the LED rechargeable lamps available power to wait after recharging it when you are going to use it. LED rechargeable lamp light source average service life is longer, if it's not because the excess voltage or short circuit, usually don't burn out. Then, if the need to replace the light source ( Light pipe) , be sure to refer to LED lamp assembly for the specified parameters of the charging, and don't do STH without authorization changes to the structure. LED rechargeable lamps around there can be no moisture, dust and impurities, such as have found that clean up in time. Try not to switch repeatedly when using the lamps and lanterns, it can greatly shorten the service life of the lamp. In the end, good desk lamp battery charging protection, if need to replace must choose qualified products. In charge of desk lamp battery recharged when finished quickly, do not run out of electricity, and then filling, to recharge when a little bit of power left. If in the case of long time need not, but after a period of time the charging time, stored in the ground must be put in damp places. Ok, 【 Light li 】 Said so much maintenance skills, you have learned? Don't understand the word can call understand oh!
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