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Aimed at the desk lamp that shield an eye to choose seven steps

by:Guangli     2020-04-14
For workers and students party, at the time of work and study at night have a lamp that the desk lamp that shield an eye is such a hyperactive. But when the choose and buy the desk lamp that shield an eye, and don't know how to distinguish good and bad of the desk lamp that shield an eye. Professional manufacturer of table lamp light li gave us the popular science of the choose and buy the following seven steps. Method one: color temperature according to the state of 'reading and writing assignment desk lamp performance requirements' regulation, color temperature should not exceed 4000 k. What concept are 4000 k color temperature? We understand it as 8 am comfortable warm sunshine. More than the color temperature of this phase, the harm of eyes are bigger. Method 2: illumination intensity of illumination standard, in accordance with the national standard, there are two standard grade A and AA. AA are the best to the child eyes. You may also don't know what intensity of illumination is? For example: suppose desk lamp center is the faucet, you have to pick up a basin water, water in the bowl out of unit area is the intensity of illumination. The difference between grade A and AA are the same size bowl to pick up the water, A little out of the water, another out of the water. Many businesses have your details page is A grade A or AA level, select the time of pay more attention to the line. Method 3: color color rendering index is greater than 82 national requirements. Color rendering index? Careful, you might find in daily life such a phenomenon: the color of an apple in the sun, and the color of the observation in the indoor light is different, the comparison of indoor dark, sunshine is gorgeous. The lights in the indoor color, the color of the apple back into the sun is called color. The higher the index is higher, the degree of reduction. Children often learn in color rendering index low light, the color of the sensitivity is reduced, the children like painting creation influence is very big still. Method 4: blue light when it comes to blue light, is also a factor in many parents are worried about. Actually a lot of people have a misunderstanding on blu-ray, think of all the blue light is harmful to the eyes. The fact is that blue light on the retina of shortwave radiation after a period of time is harmful, long wave blu-ray and even can adjust the body's biological clock, memory, etc. So, short-wave blu-ray is how to produce? Is YanLi screen, the light is too close to. So, in the use of electronic products or desk lamp, stay away from the screen and light eyes, let your eyes relax adjustment reaches a certain time. On the choice of lamps and lanterns, merchants have better on the market, all the blue light was technology processing, such as from the light-emitting LED source, the changes in temperature lights alternate ways. Method 5: glare, no glare, is hitting the books light reflection, that is associated with lamp light way. Currently on the market side of the desk lamp of direct light and glow in two ways. Direct light is a traditional way of light, the light generally center bright, dark all around. Look to the naked eye is very dazzling, often, after watching the eyes look at other places will see there are a lot of small black floating in the air. Side light is light to simulate the sun constantly reflection refraction in the atmosphere, and finally to achieve the effect of soft. This light, the eyes look straight after the stabbing pain, after the refraction of light is very uniform. Methods six: stroboscopic stroboscopic is what? We often take mobile computer or television screen, the screen will appear on your mobile phone flash line, this phenomenon is called 'stroboscopic. No stroboscopic lamp, is the mobile phone to the light, there will be no flash. Method seven: the last method that move light, is very important to use the experience, is the dimmer. Because we live in a different scenario, the light bright requirements are also different. More dimmer mode is more in line with the us to read a book, play, painting and so on the different demand. Finally remind everybody, we in the choose and buy when the desk lamp that shield an eye must see whether through national CQC inspection report, the official website to verify, because many businesses figure is P, so be sure to pay attention!
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