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All kinds of working principle of the thermometer

by:Guangli     2020-03-27
Gas thermometer: multi-purpose hydrogen or helium temperature material, because the hydrogen and helium liquefaction temperature is very low and close to absolute zero, so its temperature range is very wide. This kind of high precision thermometer, used for precision measurement. Resistance thermometer: divided into metal resistance thermometer and semiconductor resistance thermometer, are based on the change of resistance with temperature of the properties. Metal thermometer mainly useful platinum, gold, copper, nickel and other pure metal and rhodium iron, phosphor bronze alloy; Semiconductor thermometer mainly used carbon, germanium, etc. Resistance thermometer easy to use and reliable, has been widely used. Its measuring range is - Around 260 ℃ to 600 ℃. Thermocouple thermometer: is a kind of widely used in industry temperature measuring instrument. The use of thermoelectric phenomena. Two different kinds of metal wire welded together to form work side, the other two ends connected to the measuring instrument, forming circuit. Measured temperature, put the work end work end and free end temperature is not at the same time, can appear electromotive force, and therefore has a current through the circuit. Through the electrical signal measurement, using the known temperature, can measure the temperature of the other. It is suitable for large temperature difference between the two substances, used in high temperature and low turbidity measurements. Some thermocouple to measure up to 3000 ℃ high temperature, some can close to absolute zero temperature. High temperature thermometer: refers to a special thermometer to measure temperature above 500 ℃, a light thermometer, colorimetric thermometer and radiation thermometer. The principle and structure of high temperature thermometer are complex, here no longer. The measuring range of 500 ℃ to 3000 ℃ above, is not suitable for low temperature measurement. Pointer thermometer: is like dashboard thermometer, also calls the thermometer, used to measure at room temperature, is made of metal principle of heat bilges cold shrink. It is a bimetallic strip as a temperature sensing element, is used to control a pointer. Bimetallic strip is usually with copper and iron rivet, and copper in the left, iron on the right. As a result of the copper heat bilges cold shrink effect is more obvious than iron, so when the temperature rises, the copper retraction of the plate bending to the right hands under the drive of bimetallic strip will turn to the right ( Pointing to high temperature) ; On the other hand, the temperature become low, pointer deflection under the drive of bimetallic strip is to left ( Pointing to low temperature) 。 Glass thermometer, glass thermometer is the use of the principle of heat bilges cold shrink to realize the temperature measurement. Due to the expansion coefficient of medium and the boiling point and freezing point is different, so we common glass thermometer mainly has: kerosene thermometer, mercury thermometer, red pen water thermometer. He has the advantage of simple structure, easy to use, has relatively high accuracy and low price. Defect is measured on the lower limit and precision glass quality and temperature measurement and the nature of the medium. And cannot be far eastone, fragile. Pressure type thermometer: pressure type thermometer is the use of sealed container of liquid, gas or saturated steam heated volume expansion and pressure changes as the signal. Its basic structure is made up of bulb, capillary and indicator of three parts. Pressure type thermometer is: the advantages of simple structure, high mechanical strength, is not afraid of vibration. The price is low, does not need external energy. Defect is: limited temperature range, generally in - 80~400℃; Heat loss due to slower response time. < / p > 8, mercury thermometer, mercury thermometer is a kind of expansion type thermometer, mercury freezing point is: - 38. 87 ℃, boiling point is: 356. 7 ℃, which is used to measure 0 - - - - - - 150 ℃ or 500 ℃ within the range of temperature, it can only serve as on-site monitoring instrument. Use it to measure temperature, not only is simple and intuitive, but also can avoid external remote transmission error of the thermometer. < / p > chaozhou light electronic, refer to the principle of mechanical sensing elements, namely the making principle of pointer thermometer night light socket design production, welcome consulting, procurement. < / p > < p > post: li electric light a night light ea - gl。 com

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