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Best Light Comes From Night Light

by:Guangli     2020-07-10
Why to choose night lights instead of standard hanging from the ceiling lights? What more do they give you? And are they suitable for every room, every mood, and every situation? I can think of a few successful applications of the night lights in your home. Here are some ideas. Just think of a cozy bedroom softly lighted with the yellow-orange lambency slowly running on the walls. It gives you special mood, doesn't it? And now think of your living room: you are lying on the sofa watching TV and that lamp hanging from the ceiling is glowing directly in your eyes creating inconvenience for your sight. It's OK if you feel comfortable with this but I'd rather prefer two or three night lamps on high stands situated in the corners of the room to give me all the light I need. It's more comfortable for the eyes and more stylish, don't you think? What would your child say for a colorful night light with his or her favorite cartoons on it? I think he/she would like it. Especially when waking up in the middle of the night and 'saving' him/her from the darkness of the room and the 'creeping monsters'. May be not so widespread is the idea to use night lamps in the kitchen or the corridors, but I find it quite applicable too. It can give you the freedom to emphasize on a beautiful painting, ornament or special place in your corridor. Or it can give you additional light in a specific place in your kitchen where you need it most. And of course, it is classic to use a reading lamp in the cabinet. It is proven that the most suitable light for reading and especially for writing is the light coming from your left side if you are right-handed and from your right side if you are left-handed. This location of lighting can be most easily and without additional expenses achieved with the reading lamp. Considering the huge variety of shapes, colors, sizes and patterns night lights have nowadays, you can use it not only to make the best balance of lighting, but to decorate your home with it and to create the atmosphere that best suits you. The truth is that the night lights are most commonly used as auxiliary lighting but they have all the capacity to become the main lighting in your home. There are easy to use light controllers which enable you to determine the brightness of the light. With such controller you can 'tell' your lamp to be brightly shining when you have dinner for example and an hour later to 'tell' it to give you the discretion of the dim light while relaxing before bed time.
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