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Black Extravagance: 5 Lighting Fixtures Inspired

by:Guangli     2020-06-22
The love for black is fast infecting the world of fashion. And who would blame its followers when black emanates such matured sexiness. Gorgeously handsome with its dark appeal, lighting fixtures with heavy features of black are making a comeback. Perhaps it has to do with the recent fad about dark elements such as vampire movies, and not to mention the infamous Twilight, but it surely propelled the love for Victorian design back on track. Without further delay, here is the list of five unique lighting fixtures that forgot the light side and went to the dark realm: Black Chandelier It is always best to start with the best. With it comes to the finest, who would dare argue that chandeliers aren't the cherry on top? Strikingly brilliant and evocative, its mere form flares the imagination which makes this classic home decor deeply rooted to the position of 'the best lighting fixture'. But when extravagance meets dark allure, the result is dashing. The Lumax 24-Light Traditional Crystal Chandelier is an enigmatic figure of shocking extravagance. Who would have thought that black can be so divine? Black Pendant Light Pendant lighting fixtures should be colorful, they should be vibrant and they should be youthful. But this masterpiece takes a leap to the dark side and comes out divinely glorious. The black beauty of Landmark Lighting Cirque Modern is something to celebrate indeed. Forget bright and colorful lights. The little pieces of black glass with marble pattern are arranged into a drum figure which creates a unique dark appeal. Whatever it lacks in brilliance it certainly makes up in style and extravagance. Black Table Lamps This love for black will not end with lamps. And to raise the stakes, you will see here not one but three gloriously black table lamps. While these lighting fixtures should be the light of the party, here they are beaming with dark splendor. Starting with the contemporary, the Murray Feiss Lainey Transitional Table Lamp is enticingly gorgeous with its simplicity. For something a little classic, the Cal Lighting Life Style / Casual Resin Transitional Table Lamp is unique with its square-shaped head. And then there is the transitional Quoizel Utopia Transitional Table Lamp with its beautiful nature-inspired pattern. Black Sconces Exquisitely black, the Kichler Lighting Madison Transitional Outdoor Wall Sconce is something you will expect in the foyer of Victorian mansions. it's strikingly simple and the equally dark allure of Progress Lighting Modern / Contemporary Wall Sconce is quite the modern counterpart. These sconces deviate from the norm of bright lights. Make no mistake though because these lighting fixtures can be just as bright as other commercial lights. It is simply in the design that they are stunningly dark. Black Ceiling Fan Light More than the cool breeze is provides, it is the magnificent dark allure of this black ceiling fan light that makes it a worthy part of the Black Extravagance selection. With a touch of golden honey glow, the Fanimation Lauren Brooks Michael David's Adventure Traditional Ceiling Fan is fine piece of art. If it were merely black blades it would be so ordinary. But the designers painted patterns of strong Japanese influence on those blades making them such exquisite pieces of art. This is one ceiling fan you certainly cannot miss.
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