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Buy LED lights to avoid these four pits

by:Guangli     2020-07-25
Compared with traditional lighting systems, upgrading to LED lighting can save nearly 50% of energy consumption. With such a big savings, consumers are quickly turning to LEDs, which is not surprising. When you have the choice to save money and energy, when you have a product that is adapted to the existing traditional lighting fixtures, this conversion will be natural. However, before deciding to upgrade the lighting system, you should first understand a few things. Because in this process, it is likely to encounter some traps. Before buying LED bulbs, you should understand your requirements and avoid these pitfalls. Before upgrading, several important factors should be considered. The following are what you should know: brightness Brightness is the most basic factor when replacing bulbs. Most LED packages have a bunch of identification numbers. For new consumers, this can be a bit confusing when choosing the right bulb. You should pay attention to the light output mentioned on the packaging. Sometimes, the light output data will be different from the actual light value, so please make sure you know what to look for before buying. First understand the lumen conversion. colour When replacing LED lights, the color of the light is also very worthy of attention. Many times, buyers will fall into a 'gentle trap' and only choose: warm white. But things are not that simple, you must read them carefully. In fact, warm white is yellowish from an academic point of view, which makes people look warmer, so it is called warm white. Therefore, the color value of the warm white LED lamp is 3000K or lower, so you can't buy it only by 'warm white' on the box. Light For consumers who are not familiar with its design, the light factor of LED bulbs can be a bit confusing. The LED is made of metal or plastic housing with a fixed cover. This shell helps to dissipate the heat generated. However, this housing also prevents the light from being emitted more completely because the light cannot be emitted backwards. So, for example, if you have a set of light fixtures and the light bulb is directed towards the ceiling, then there will be less light emitted downwards, so the space will be dim. It is for this reason that you should know your exact requirements and expectations when using LED bulbs to illuminate a space. If you want more light to shine backwards, then choose an LED bulb that can slide down the tube to more fully function. Dimming Many consumers want dimmable light bulbs, but many people do not understand that not all LED lights can be dimmed. Similarly, not all dimmable LED lights can be dimmed using traditional dimmers. In fact, LED manufacturers do not make dimmable lamps that are compatible with older dimmers. Therefore, if you want to dim LEDs, you may need to purchase advanced dimmable LED lights. After all, knowledge is power. Before spending a lot of money to upgrade the lighting system to LED, please know exactly what you need and what you require. Once you know it, you only need to pay close attention to the details of the packaging, know the product information and the space occupied, and choose the one that suits you best.
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