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Buying tips for lighting brands

by:Guangli     2020-07-25
In the daily life of the use of lamps, the safety of electricity is very important, high-power lamps need to be connected to the line. The lamp plugs, wires, and connectors must be reliable and safe. Safety first During the decoration process, many owners only pay attention to the decoration style and furniture layout, but often ignore the safety elements, such as electrical safety, ceiling safety, static electricity, etc. Now crystal lamps and chandeliers are more complicated and bulky, whether it is a keel or a boom All must be strong and stable, and the installation of lamps must be professional electricians, but it is to ensure that the installation is scientific and safe. In the process of using lamps, the safety of electricity is very important. High-power lamps need to be connected separately. The lamp plugs, wires, and connectors must be reliable and safe. When buying lamps, be sure to choose, there is the name of the manufacturer, registered trademark, certificate of conformity, 'CCC' certification, and invoices, etc. Of course, brand lighting generally has a warranty and warranty. Low carbon practical With the implementation of energy-saving subsidy policies to the ranks of ordinary people's consumption, a low-carbon economy has penetrated into various industries. Home lighting will also follow the principles of practicality and energy saving. Shuangyang Lighting reminds consumers that a well-decorated house can choose the 'low-carbon type' (power ≤8W) when purchasing energy-saving lamps and LED lamps. Excessive light and excessive strength often cause visual fatigue and are not conducive to health. The use of some lamps can meet the lighting needs of different occasions and different needs. Therefore, when the decoration is properly completed, it will make the lighting system more complete and does not conflict with the low-carbon life and energy saving.
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