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Can be used while charging rechargeable lamps?

by:Guangli     2020-04-30
Today's electronic products utilization present situation, whether it's family or unit or school/dorm we often see charge while using mobile phones, computers and other electronic products. Rechargeable lamps as well. So the question comes, specializing in the production of table lamp/reading lamp processing/desk lamp custom shenzhen lamp manufacturers Light li 】 Have recently received some questions from friends rechargeable lamp can be used while charging? , we according to this problem come to give the following Suggestions: because the plug-in lamp ( Or other electronic products) Internal Settings have an battery management circuit, the protection circuit, can according to the actual situation of the battery and load automatically adjust the charging current, which proves that the plug-in lamp can be recharged while using. But, specializing in the production of student the desk lamp that shield an eye/charging lamp/touch table lamp/creative desk lamp of shenzhen lamp manufacturers 【 Light li 】 Is not recommended to use electronic products. Because it is easy to make rechargeable table lamp ( Or other electronic products) Reduce the service life, and sometimes used in charging you emit spluttered pa in the power source of noise, easy to burn out the rechargeable table lamp plug place. So li preferably in rechargeable light lamp ( Or other electronic products) Don't use conditions. If time is long, found that the illumination time is too short, it shows the inside of the battery packs, can tear open change new rechargeable batteries, change after the completion of the most useful electric welding is firm, avoid rechargeable lamps contact is bad, affect the use.
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