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Choose the desk lamp that shield an eye four points for attention on the site

by:Guangli     2020-04-16
The desk lamp that shield an eye on work and study as a lamp that is relatively commonly used articles for daily use, in the product standard is not unified, so most of the lamp manufacturer are manufactured in accordance with the standards of the enterprise to research and development. Speak really, in the eye, whether you use what brand of desk lamp and other LED lamps aren't readily available. Because the eye is a kind of functional judgment, the final effect depends on the eyes. So we except for yourself in daily life or children to build a good environment, with the eye at the scene to buy lamp, also want to pay attention to the details of the product and industry behind the actual function. Attention as follows: 1: look at the desk lamp that shield an eye of light source, the desk lamp that shield an eye ring should be used with light source, so the distribution of the light is more uniform, there will be no blind area, shadow, can give the child enough lighting space at the same time, alleviate visual fatigue, when studying the eyes more comfortable. Note 2: see the desk lamp that shield an eye non-toxic quality should use the desk lamp that shield an eye is non-toxic engineering plastics, can match the lighter color, and inferior plastic production, the desk lamp that shield an eye is generally darker color, appearance is bad, often with injection and other methods to match color appearance. Note 3: check the security of the desk lamp that shield an eye the desk lamp that shield an eye safety mainly requirements to the power cord, the inner electrons have enough wire cross-sectional area and the thickness of insulating layer, with over-current protection device, lamp switch in accordance with national standards. Inferior the desk lamp that shield an eye if can not meet the requirements, may cause a fire. Note 4: look at the desk lamp that shield an eye filtering harmful blue light some manufacturers in order to pursue enough brightness, can enhance the intensity of the light blue, if use the light source for long time, eyes will light damage, so the choose and buy the desk lamp that shield an eye to avoid too strong light source, to filter out harmful blue light. Finally remind everybody at the scene when the desk lamp that shield an eye of choose and buy must pay more attention to some details, so as not to buy some harmful physical and mental health of bad products.
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