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Conserve Energy With LED Light Bulbs

by:Guangli     2020-08-30
Whether you're looking to save on your electric bill or you want to help save the planet by conserving energy or both, LED light bulbs may be one way to help you accomplish your goals. While there are a wide variety of bulbs to choose from on the market today, not all of them are equal in terms of energy saved. Let's take a look at how LED light bulbs compare to standard incandescent lights and the pros and cons of these bulbs. When it comes to comparison, they hold the record in almost every category when compared to a standard incandescent light fixture. The projected lifespan of an LED light is 50,000 hours, compared to only 1,200 hours from an incandescent bulb. Additionally, an LED bulb only uses a tenth of the wattage that an incandescent bulb uses to produce the same amount of light. This means that LED light bulbs only uses a tenth of the amount of energy as compared to an incandescent bulb. In terms of price, light emitting light bulbs hold a high upfront cost. One of these lights can cost as much as $36 per bulb, while an incandescent bulb costs about $1.25 per bulb. This upfront cost can be a large deterrent to customers, particularly with the mindset that bulbs are disposable items. However, the power saved and the amount of money saved on energy will make the purchase well worth it. Consider that you would only need to use one LED for 50,000 hours of use, but you would need 42 incandescent bulbs to produce light for the same amount of time. When it comes down to it, this makes the total cost of LED bulbs much less than an incandescent lighting. Pros and Cons LED bulbs will save you an incredible amount of money on energy. These are the two biggest advantages. The other big advantage is the longevity of an LED light bulb. In the amount of time you use one LED light bulb, you would have to go through 42 standard light bulbs. The one big con of LED light bulbs is obviously the price. $36 for one light fixture seems completely ridiculous, but when a comparison is done it is clear that the LED bulb saves far more money even with the higher price. If you consider only the cost of the bulbs, you're still saving money on an LED bulb, since it would require 42 incandescent bulbs to match the longevity of one LED fixture. Thus, it's clear that the far superior option is the LED bulb. Making the change to light emitting diode lighting can be expensive if you do it all at once. Consider buying one new LED every time you go to the store, instead of buying them all at once, in order to avoid a hefty up-front price tag. One bulb at a time can make a world of difference, both for the world and for your energy bill!
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