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Creative pencil style desk lamp of desk lamp

by:Guangli     2020-04-29
We all know that there are many kinds of brand lamp, also there are many kinds of style, today we mainly speak very above the desk lamp of pencil style. When it comes to pencil, probably every designer often used tool life. But put the pencil to make creative desk lamp of the designer is certainly have great imagination. As to sharpen our pencils to make creative desk lamp of the steps, mainly is the position of a pencil eraser is a chimney, warm lamplight is among, and pens can upright, the tip of the extended curved wire, writing calligraphy and painting is like a pencil on the desk. Invariable to decorate, the same room and office study design, no taste, no character. Understand the desk lamp of pencil style allows you to add different colors of life.
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