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Current Styles of Gooseneck Lamps

by:Guangli     2020-08-09
Almost everybody is probably familiar with the 'student desk lamp' which is one of the most popular and basic designs when it comes to a gooseneck lamp choices. These lamps are the standard ones you see on many desks, with a metal shade, a light bulb, the famous adjustable gooseneck and a sturdy base with a switch for turning the light on or off. If you are looking for something a little more striking, however, you will be pleased to know that there are some amazingly designed gooseneck lamps on the market these days, both floor lamps and desk lamps, and even wall lamps with a gooseneck as well. If you have not looked at these type of lamps online for a while, I would heartily recommend you do a quick search and see what comes up. Adesso lamps are great quality lamps, for example, that also have a fantastic set of designer lamps that would look very classy and chic in any situation. Some of my favourite Adesso gooseneck lamps include their satin steel, extended neck desk lamp. It looks fantastic and is also a very useful lamp as the neck is long enough to stretch quite far in any direction. Some desk lamps and floor lamps actually have two goosenecks with lamps on the end, so the light can actually highlight two separate locations. That can be particularly helpful for a desk lamp if you need light on the keyboard or your monitor for example, and you need to highlight some papers on your desk at the same time, so you can work back and forth between the two. That is so much easier than having to constantly adjust the lamp. In fact, if you want to go all out and really enjoy a crazy design, I recently saw a lamp--again an Adesso lamp--but a floor lamp this time, that had five goosenecks with attached shades. The shades were graduated colors, starting off with a very bright shade and fading to a very pastel color for the last shade. It looked like it would be a great lamp for a bedroom, as the lighting would be adequate for reading but it would not necessarily illuminate the whole room that brightly. Or, it could be used as more of a feature lamp in a living room, or to light up a reading corner.
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