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Desk lamp market ups and downs

by:Guangli     2020-04-26
< P > lighting market 10th annual top ten popular products: lamp < / P > < P > desk lamp is used for lighting in people life of one of the most commonly used household electrical appliances. It is generally divided into two kinds, one kind is pillar, a kind of a clip. It works mainly focus light in a small area, concentrated light, easy to work and study. General desk lamp or energy-saving bulbs is incandescent bulbs. Some desk lamp and emergency function, used for power failure without electricity is used for emergency lighting. < / P > < P > with the improvement of living standards, the lamp is no longer just used as lighting, but turning to decorate, temperament and combination. From the current market situation, the desk lamp of between 30 and 200 yuan price of the most popular. Decoration lamp, pay attention to adornment effect, cater to the consumer has both art appreciation value but also has practical value. Temperament lamp small and exquisite, modelling is more choose cartoon characters and Chinese zodiac animals, a teenage. Alarm clock with the combination of desk lamp of combination lamp; Have events calendar table and desk lamp combination; Also have a pencil case, photo frame and combination of desk lamp, etc. , in recent years, popular in the market. < / P > < P > the household lighting products such as desk lamp, closely connected with the change of real estate and other upstream market. Throughout 08, automobil desk lamp products trading market sentiment index figure, it is easy to find, 08 sentiment index volatile lamp products. Desk lamp lighting products such as household market volatility, to a certain extent due to the ups and downs 08 in the housing market. < / P > < P > the property market overheating 07, 08 at the start of the year, the central issued a series of policies to curb housing. Then the domestic housing market weakness, volume to drop, consumers begin to money to the sidelines. To alleviate the problems of shortage of funds, developers began to adopt various methods to reduce the price. To this end, individual check-out, foreclosures phenomenon appears in the city. Downturn in the housing market, for home lighting in its downstream markets have also been affected. The major cities of lamps and lanterns stores began to launch a variety of promotional activities, stimulate the market. < / P > < P > desk lamp product popularity index in August fell to a record low. Behind, with national rescue policy introduced, the desk lamp market begins to recover, the sentiment index also gradually pick up. September and October, is the sales season in previous years, although the desk lamp on the markets in the first quarter, but there is still a good performance. And into the end of the year, as the housing market further warming, desk lamp market sentiment is also improve all the way. Is expected and the desk lamp market performance is still worthy of our expectation. < / P >
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