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Different Types of LED Light Bulbs

by:Guangli     2020-08-25
Diffused Bulbs LED diffused bulbs are named as such because there is a lens that is dimpled in such a way that it spreads out the individual clusters of LED bulbs. This way, the brightness emitted by each and individual LED bulb is able to reach multiple areas of the room. These bulbs usually come with a standard base-similar base as incandescent bulbs. They are pretty versatile and are usually very helpful for lighting areas that require extended lighting. LED bulbs are great for areas such as porches, hallways, reading fixtures, and other forms of frequently used lighting. High Power Bulbs Diffused high power bulbs are not so much different from basic diffused LED light bulbs. Diffused high power bulbs is optimal for the same areas as regular diffused bulbs and have the same basic characteristics as diffused bulbs, the only different is that there are more lumens in high power bulbs versus regular bulb. Contrary to previous belief, brightness is no longer measured by watts but instead by lumens. Diffused high power bulbs have much higher lumens than regular LED bulbs. The light emitted by high power bulbs is akin to a 100 watt incandescent bulb. There are only a handful of diffused high power bulbs that are approved for everyday house lighting. Track Lighting Track lighting refers to a way of displaying light fixtures where there is a continuing tracking device with conductors. This allows a continuous strip of lights that might be ideal for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and so forth. Many restaurants depend on track lighting to provide areas of a string of lighting. Often times track lighting are continuously working, thus LED's long lasting quality makes it a perfect candidate for track lighting. They are also perfect for track lighting because they only use 10% of the energy as wasted energy, so there is no buildup of heat. Floodlights Floodlights are great for outdoor d?�cor or for outdoor safety. Halogen lights were used to power floodlights but they use up a good amount of energy and burn out quickly. Even with compact fluorescent bulbs, they are more likely to burn out quicker in comparison to LED bulbs. The reason why CFL's are likely to burn out quickly is if the homeowner has a tendency to turn the flood light on and off repeatedly and often. However, LED light bulbs do not have the same problem. They are essentially immune to constant flicking on and off of the switch. Spotlight and Recessed Bulbs Recessed lighting refers to light fixtures that are concaved. These are common in the living room, entertainment area, and kitchen. As of recently LED lights have become a viable option for recessed lighting in homes. To make sure you buy the right kind of LED bulb, measure the diameter of your recessed light and compare it with the LED bulb. Spotlight lighting is exactly what it sounds like, it's light that casts a spotlight in appearance. LED bulbs are also a great option for spotlight lighting. Similar case to track lighting, LED bulbs are great choices for both recessed and spotlight bulbs because they last much longer and emit very little heat.
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