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Do you know the three misunderstandings in the

by:Guangli     2020-07-24
The style of decoration depends to a large extent on the lamps and lanterns. The lamps and lanterns market is full of flowers, from the composition material to the lamp style. The types of lamps and lanterns have also developed from ordinary fluorescent lamps to various pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, spotlights, eternal lamps, table lamps, etc. Therefore, the choice of lamps has also become a special knowledge. For example, do you know that there are three mistakes in choosing lighting? When choosing lighting, pay attention to three major misunderstandings: the light source should also be divided into primary and secondary People thought that as long as there was a sufficiently bright lamp in the room, they would turn on the lamp no matter what they did. In addition to lighting, lights can also play a role in dividing functions. For example, when watching TV, you can only turn on a small spotlight; when you eat, you can only turn on the table light. Reading newspapers and reading newspapers, choosing floor lamps and table lamps, the light in the kitchen can't be turned on again, and it can't replace the lamp on the operating table. Just like the ceiling lamp in the study can't be turned on again, it can't replace the lamp on the desk. The lamp is high , It is easy to have a projection. In places where the eyes are used, such as the operating room of the console, sufficient lighting must be considered. Select the lighting and pay attention to the three major misunderstandings 2: cold light source may not be suitable for the bathroom Many people think that the bathroom must choose a cold light source to appear clean, but it is not. Cold light lamps such as fluorescent lamps, ring lamps, etc., are often used by everyone in bathroom and kitchen lighting. As everyone knows, such a bright light is most likely to make the dust white, even a little water stains on the tiles are clearly visible. Rather than this, it is better to install a yellow light source ceiling lamp on the top of the bathroom, and then for the convenience of operation, only install a clean and transparent cold light source lamp above the mirror table or the sink, so that it is not only convenient for washing, but also through the light and dark of the beam In contrast, let us ignore the occasional dust, which highlights the cleanliness and tranquility in the bathroom. Choose the lighting and pay attention to the three major misunderstandings three: the chandelier is 'different from top to bottom' There are roughly two types of pendant lamps on the market, one is a light source illuminating upward, and the other is a light source illuminating downward. The former is to hit the light on the roof first, and then reflected down through the roof; the latter is to direct the light directly to the ground, which is more common. So, can you choose whatever you like? of course not. If the roof of the room itself is uneven and the putty is rough, then install a pendant lamp that illuminates the light source upwards, and the result will definitely be'self-defeating'. At this time, what is needed is to weaken people's attention to the top, so that the pendant lamp folded down to illuminate the light source is the most suitable choice. In addition, if the ceiling is very complicated, and the lamp body itself is very fragmented, it is not suitable to choose an upward light source. When the light is reflected back through the ceiling, it will be too messy.
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