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Do Your Part For The Environment By Using Less Energy

by:Guangli     2020-08-24
The Earth has been our source of supply since the beginning of time. We rely on it for things like water, electricity, raw materials and other forms of energy. However, human activities over the decades have put our Earth in great peril. One of the most common one we know of is global warming, which is largely due to the immense amount of greenhouse gas being emitted daily. Out of all the greenhouse gases, about 26% of it is the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas. If the amounts of CO2 continue to increase over the next few years, global warming will definitely worsen. Therefore, we should do what we can to help reduce these gases. However, it is still not too late if we start right now. We can still contribute and do our part for the environment. Power generation plants emit large amount of CO2 each day. In 2005 alone, emission of the CO2 gas in Singapore was at 40,377 kilotons. And 48% of these emissions actually come from these electricity power plants. Therefore, if we can reduce our overall power consumption each year, we can greatly reduce the amount of CO2 produced yearly from these power generation plants. By using less energy, the emission of CO2 can be effectively controlled. We can use less energy through using more of the energy-efficient appliances instead of the normal ones. Start using energy-efficient refrigerators instead of the normal refrigerators. Refrigerators uses large amount of energy mainly because it operates for 24 hours daily. Air-conditioning also uses a fair amount of electricity. Changing to energy-efficient air-conditioning is also highly recommended especially if you operate for long hours each day. You can also change from using normal light bulbs to compact fluorescent lamps or LED light bulbs. Not only do they consume less energy, they also last a lot longer than the normal bulbs. If you have a lot of lighting that uses the normal light bulb, you can save substantially by changing all of them to compact fluorescent lamps or LED light bulbs. Energy-efficient appliances no doubt will cost you more than the normal ones. However, you will save a hefty bit on your electrical bills. Over time, you will be able to recoup the cost difference through your savings from your electrical bills. In addition to making a good investment, you will be doing your part for the environment by using less energy as well.
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