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Factors to consider when choosing a lamp

by:Guangli     2020-07-24
Generally, the following factors should be considered when purchasing lamps: 1. Choose a home market where consumer satisfaction or after-sales service is reliable. 2. Compare the three, and consider the quality, price, service and other aspects of the same style and brand. 3. Modeling There are three types of modern lamps: antique, innovative and practical. Large chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, etc. were developed in accordance with the court lamps of the 18th century. These lamps are suitable for social occasions with large spaces. Modern lamps with unique shapes, such as various spotlights and bull's-eye lamps are innovative lamps. Daylight, writing desk lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, etc. are all traditional lamps. The shape of these three types of lamps should be as serialized as possible in the overall selection. 4. Style Choose lamps according to your artistic taste and living conditions. Families with a living room can use more fashionable lights in the living room, such as three-prong chandeliers, decorative wall lights, and multi-section rotating floor lamps. Families with tight housing should not install too fashionable lamps, as this will increase the feeling of crowding. It is not appropriate to install a chandelier in a room below 2.8 meters high. Only a ceiling lamp can be installed to make the room appear taller. 5. Color The color of the lamp should obey the color of the whole room. In order not to destroy the overall color design of the room, we must pay attention to the lampshade of the lamps and lanterns, the color of the outer shell is coordinated with the color of the wall, furniture and curtains. 6. The name, specifications, quantity, price, and amount of ceramic tiles must be indicated on the invoice and contract. 7. Understand the name, address, contact person and telephone number of the organizer and manufacturer, so that quality problems can be contacted and resolved in time.
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