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From another aspect to know the USB lamp

by:Guangli     2020-04-30
See now brightly lit at night, do you think of thanks to the great inventions technology brought so much convenience to our life? Since a few years ago when the white light LED, also makes the market more than reflect the very cheap USB lamp, the desk lamp is very simple in structure, is a wire and a small LED light bulb, the light is strong, completely can be used to read a book or lighting. They connect USB lamp is what all don't understand, the so-called USB lamp, is on the desk lamp of port, connect a USB device can be connected to the computer, through the way of computer power supply for lighting. With USB lamp internal lithium battery, to led Light emitting diode) For the desk lamp of light source, but also has the USB charging and electrical functions of the lithium battery, desk lamp hose are generally not metal, can be adjusted freely, irradiation downy lamplight, desk lamp use cycle is long. In terms of cost, this kind of USB low desk lamp on the raw material price is really special. Take the main part, it is a white light LED, if just for reading, 3 watts of power is enough for the light, and three white light LED cost is only a few cents, and even lower. And don't need to do complicated cavity, particularly cheap also makes the retail price. And as it used to be the sort of traditional desk lamp, often need to use more power energy-saving lamps or incandescent light bulb, because of the relatively heavier weight, also need to make sure that their own strength. From the perspective of the trend of development, LED lamps and lanterns also will be the mainstream in the future market, because it is for the current efficiency is higher, also more flexible to use. The USB lamp use method is very simple, this kind of desk lamp, mostly belonging to miniature, small and delicate, each lamp has a USB interface, can be directly connected to computers, mobile power supply, lamp light is downy, won't cause harm to the human eye, and is equipped with two gears switch to adjust the brightness, general computer USB interface to external devices provide power is not big, high safety, and USB lamp won't take up too much space, easy and convenient. The USB lamp mainly has the advantages of the four aspects: 1, small and light, use a metal hose, shape can be adjusted freely, not occupy too much space, travel, easy to carry. 2, internal lithium polymer batteries, electric storage function, in the case of not charging can also use 3 - 6 hours, and the use of special device processing, not leakage. 3, appearance beautiful, diverse styles, the price is not high, also can be used as gifts and collectibles. 4, the applicable scope is wide, not only can connect the computer USB port, some still can connect mobile power and cell phone, is very convenient and applicable to most people, especially children and teenagers.
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