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Furniture Coffee Tables and Lamps - Do You Know

by:Guangli     2020-06-20
Choosing the correct Coffee table and then of course table lamps lighting is one of the central focal points to be concerned with in your living room area decor strategy. Sure there are tons of different styles out there and choosing your overall styles is completely up to you. That will not be a point of discussion here. What we are going to talk about is the proper type of furniture coffee tables and table lamps for your living room that will make or break the overall function of the room and we will also touch on the bedroom here in a minute as well. You may not have considered just how many elements go into the choosing of a coffee table but there is more to it than meets the eye. As an example; if you have small children be sure to get a solid wood coffee table with rounded corners. Don't go for the glass topped ones because what happens when the glass breaks with a child? Well generally they get cut. The reason for the rounded corners should be obvious; and that is to cut down on the head trauma's when they eventually collide with it. If you eat snacks out in the living room be sure to get one with a smooth top and not a bunch of seams or you will forever be cleaving the food out of the cracks with the tip of a knife because nothing else will reach down in there. If you have a hard wood floor or tile floor be sure to get one with soft padding on it so you don't scratch your flooring. Be sure not to get one with casters or rollers on it either or the darn thing will never stay put and will be rolling about like a demon possessed. For your table lamps be sure to get ones that are the right height. You don't want to be sitting with your eye level just under the lamp shade because you will be struck in your eyes with a full blast of non diffused light. Be sure to pick lamps that won't tip over very easily and have a good heavy base if you have small children because it's not a matter of if the will knock it over but when will they knock it over. In the bedroom your bedroom furniture beds are the centerpiece of your entire ensemble. They are by the way where you spend 8 hours of your day, so making a wise choice here will pay big dividends for many years to come. Be very sure to measure your tightest turn in your hallway or your bedroom prior to going shopping and take those measurements and the tape measure with you. This will save you the enormous embarrassment of getting the head board all the way home and you can't get it into your master bedroom. Don't laugh it has happened to more than one person I will guarantee you that.
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