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Good LED lamp are all have certain characteristics

by:Guangli     2020-04-25
LED desk lamp is made of solid, and the LED desk lamp is incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp up a layer of technological inventions, better than incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, safe and reliable. Generally a combination of LED lamps and lighting conditions can choose 3 w - 5 wled ball bubble lamp, high again feel too dazzling, also suggested that lamp choose warm white ( 3000 k) Color temperature, or natural white ( 4000K) Color temperature, light color not only sweet and not dazzling, long time reading or writing homework eyes not easy fatigue. Our consumer is buying the LED desk lamp, advised to choose a well-known brand LED bulbs, because some of the LED bulb resistance capacity of low pressure drop of LED stage light stroboscopic hurts eyes like energy-saving lamps, and color rendering index on the low side, light color and so on. There is another LED lamp buying patterns can look for light, they are professional do LED lamp manufacturers, because they are using the LED desk lamp chip with the different on the market, it is also their products can do well in the reason. LED lamps have domestic and Taiwan chip and chip imports. The chip is different, the price difference is very big. At present the most expensive American chip, followed by Japan and Germany chip, lowest price of Taiwan chip, heat dissipation performance is a bit poor. LED desk lamp of the encapsulating resin encapsulation and silica gel encapsulation. Price of resin encapsulation is cheaper. The other is the same. Silica gel encapsulation of the cooling performance is good, so the price a little expensive than resin encapsulation. In addition, it is, the longer the LED light, the faster the phosphor decay of light source, the result will lead to the human eye contact blue wavelengths of light is more and more intense, so as to cause harm to the human eye. So the eyes see the LED light source for a long time, makes people dizzy, uncomfortable feeling, even will cause harm to eyes, make the risk of eye diseases will be improved. Remind, don't let the eyes looked at bright LED light source for a long time, so as to avoid eye damage.
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