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How better to choose small night light

by:Guangli     2020-03-19
< p > when the night is coming, whether you have encountered such embarrassment: after the bedroom advocate the lamp turn off, and your eyes left a piece of opaque dark, while if you open indoor lamp, with the bright light is a bit dazzling; In fact this all unhappy only need a small night light can easily cope with. Night light size are small, but its function should not be ignored, in the face of the market on a wide variety of all kinds of night light, how do you choose? < / p > < p > at present, various types of night light in the market, but the points from the color, the user when choosing the color of the small night light, according to the use of space and room size and position to distinguish can give full play to the role of a night light. The use of small night light color is white, white small night lamp brightness is strong, suitable for in the corridor of the room, bathroom and toilet use strength slightly higher need lighting, such as the environment, but if you want to use in the bedroom, you need to choose similar to light yellow or pink dim down every night light, because this kind of color small night lamp is better suited to build sweet and comfortable environment. Many consumers like green, blue slants cold tonal small night light these can choose according to personal good love. Due to the small night light, often want to use all night, so, night light power consumption has become issues of common concern to consumers. Currently on the market of small night lamp power mainly at about one watt, one of the features of low energy consumption night lights, for example, 1 degree electricity let 1 tile on the night lights of 1 year, for the hundreds of watts of large advocate the lamp, small night light advantage obviously, however, as the small night light types continue to increase, there are also some new small night light constantly with multi-function, new small night light due to the increased with the power function, accordingly, when consumer is choosing a night light, or want to a night light more attention, the power of light li card small night lamp is one of the biggest characteristics is the energy conservation and low consumption, coupled with optical automatic adjustment function can greatly save energy, avoid unnecessary waste of electric power. To give special attention to the material of small night light, in general, small night lights are normal manufacturer production using efficient fluorescent tube, light li brand little electric light is the energy conservation and long life LED light source, so it's a long service life, we all know that LED lights can work continuously more than tens of thousands of hours, is consumer choose and buy products. < / p > < p > li energy-saving light a night light using LED light source combined with intelligent light-operated switch, can automatically adjust the brightness according to the light lamp brightness and darker or lighter in external light automatically turned on or off the lights, intelligent automatic control brightness or switch. Light small night light product design is exquisite, elegant and practical, cost-effective, is the sort of household goods. < / p > < p > the article source: ea - small night lamp gl。 com/ < / p > < p > < / p >
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