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How to Add Style to Your Home, Let Table Lamps

by:Guangli     2020-06-30
When you think of a table lamp, the word 'personality' may not immediately come to mind. Yet contemporary table lamps come in just about as many varieties as the human character does - from the strong and masculine to the fun and whimsical to the edgy and eclectic. This is why lamps are the perfect way to add a little personal style to your home. Think about it. Your home - whether it's a house, a condo, or an apartment - is not just an address or a place to park your belongings; it's a reflection of yourself and your style. From the dining room to the living room to the bedroom, each area of your home offers a glimpse into your personality, and table lamps can help light the way. The Dining Room Desk lamps are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when decorating your dining room. In fact, they're probably not the second or even third thing on your mind. After all, why would you put a lamp in your dining room when you likely have a large chandelier to illuminate it? Maybe because the chandelier doesn't come in the textured turquoise design that showcases your vintage sense of style. Or because it doesn't feature that geometric-inspired design that serves to break the ice as you and your guests break bread. Or maybe still because you're all about ceramics and the chandelier simply isn't (hand-painted ceramic lamps can make a perfect complement to the hand-painted dinnerware in your china cabinet). Perhaps the better question would be why wouldn't you put a contemporary table lamp in your dining room? The Living Room While it's likely desk lamps are on your mind when you're thinking about decorating your living room, remember that they're more than simply a way to keep your end tables from looking empty - they're a chance to let your friends, neighbors and the countless others you'll find yourself entertaining in this aptly named area know you're an intellect, a creative, a sophisticate, a world traveler, a minimalist, etc. The range of designs found among contemporary table lamps include all shapes, colors, and sizes you can imagine. Don't be surprised, for example, to find lamps artistically fashioned into a human torso or a Buddhist head. The Bedroom Here's where you can truly get personal with your decorating, and where lighting fixtures probably figure most prominently in your planning. Fortunately, whether you're looking for lamps that set the mood or light the night, you're likely to find what you need in a style that suits your tastes. Table lamps for the bedroom feature everything from floral accents to ivory embossing, and if you and your partner can't agree, why not go for a 'his and hers' look on either side of your bed. With so many styles of contemporary lamps available, these illuminating fixtures offer the easiest way to let your personality shine throughout your home. It's perhaps the brightest idea yet in home d?�cor.
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