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How to buy environmentally friendly lamps

by:Guangli     2020-07-23
If the decoration of the entire room is like finishing a work of art, then the choice of lighting must be the finishing touch. Compared with the fact that people only pursue the appearance of lighting in the past, people now also pay attention to the use of lighting and whether its lights are green and environmentally friendly. Therefore, fashionable, personalized, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly lighting has become a popular new trend in home decoration. First of all, people feel the light more directly. For example, in order to pursue the artistic effect of lighting, some lightings will design blue and green lightings. Such lamps can also be used in bars or special occasions. If they are used in the family, it happens that your face is not very good, then It will be more terrifying to reflect your face. Similarly, the intensity of the light should not be too strong to prevent people from feeling irritable when moving under the light. On the contrary, if your room is shady and does not usually receive sunlight, then it is necessary for you to put a long light or soft light in the room for a long time to illuminate. This will not only ease the mood of the person, but also allow the light to drive away the filth in the room. For children, the light of the lighting is more important, because they need to use their eyes under the light for a short distance, so the table lamp for children must be specially made. Products such as energy-saving eye protection lamps on the market, health lamps to protect children's eyesight, and air-purifying desk lamps not only enhance the beautiful colors of children's rooms, but also enhance the health index of the rooms. The most important thing is that healthy lamps must also be energy-saving lamps, which will help children develop healthy consumption habits from an early age. Secondly, the materials used in lighting production should also pay attention to health and environmental protection. Nowadays, many metals, plastics and other materials used for lamps and other products on the market have been upgraded, completely meeting the environmental protection targets. Therefore, consumers must first make a general understanding of the lamp materials when purchasing lamps. When viewing the lamps in person, you may wish to use methods such as listening, watching, touching, and smelling to ensure that the lamp materials are environmentally friendly.
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