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How to buy lighting fixtures

by:Guangli     2020-07-23
Lighting fixtures are like indispensable ornaments in every home, and they are the finishing touch in home decoration. Good lighting fixtures can directly reflect the decoration grade of the house, which adds a lot to the layout of the living room. However, good lighting fixtures can't be separated from the maintenance in daily life if they want to last for a long time. Today let the editor take you to understand how to buy lighting fixtures and how to maintain lighting fixtures. How to buy lighting fixtures 1. Classification From the perspective of the main material of the lamp: it can be divided into marble lamp, crystal lamp, fabric lamp and ceramic lamp. 2. Lighting is divided according to the style of the lamp: it can be simply divided into four different styles: European, Chinese, American and modern. 3. According to the use position of the lamp, the lighting can be divided into chandelier, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, desk lamp and mirror front lamp. | Second, the combination of space and lighting 1. Living room: It is recommended to use ceiling lamps. If the living room is tall, it is best to use chandeliers. Floor lamps and desk lamps can be used for local lighting. In addition, halogen light source track lamps or quartz lamps can be used for centralized lighting. 2. Restaurant Restaurant: The restaurant is a place for family dinners, and the main lighting is required to have high color rendering and high illuminance. Ceiling lamps or chandeliers are generally used. 3. Bedroom Bedroom: Create a private space. The starting point of the bedroom lighting is the main light source of the overall lighting, which is combined with decorative lighting and accent lighting to create a space atmosphere. 4. Kitchen and Bathroom Kitchen and Bathroom: Kitchen and bathroom lighting must be healthy and practical. The center of the top is equipped with recessed ceiling lamps or waterproof and dustproof ceiling lamps. When doing delicate and complicated housework, such as side dishes and cooking, it is best to set up local lighting lamps in the work area. 5. The main lighting fixtures installed in the toilet and bathroom can be waterproof or dustproof ceiling lamps or recessed lamps, the color of the light source 3. How to choose good lighting 1. The color of the lamps and lanterns should be coordinated with the environmental decoration style of the home. The lighting of the living room must take into account the color of the wall of the style of the indoor furniture and the color of the household appliances. 2. The size of the lamp should be configured according to the indoor area, the number of furniture and the corresponding size. For small living rooms under 12 square meters, ceiling lamps or wall lamps with a diameter of less than 200 mm should be used. In the living room of about 15 square meters, ceiling lights or multi-fork pendant lights with a diameter of about 300 mm should be used, and the maximum diameter of the lights should not exceed 400 mm. 3. Security. First look at its quality and check whether the quality assurance certificate and certificate are complete. Sometimes the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but too cheap is definitely not good. The quality of many cheap lamps is not high enough, and the hidden dangers are endless. Once a fire occurs, the consequences are unbearable. 4. Understand the development trend of lighting. Because of the endless variety of lamps and lanterns, before buying lighting, you should first understand the development trend of modern lighting, so as to avoid the doom of the newly bought lighting. 5. Careful inspection when buying lamps. Lighting is mainly made of glass, which is fragile. After long-distance transportation, scratches or damage will inevitably occur. Since the lighting is generally hung in a prominent position in the home, even minor damage will affect the use effect. 6. The style of lamps should be selected according to their actual needs and personal preferences. For example, if you pay attention to the practicality of the lamp, you should choose ceiling lamps or floor lamps with black and dark red trims. If you focus on decoration and pursue a modern style, you can choose lively lighting. If it is a lamp that loves national characteristics, you can choose a sculpture craft floor lamp. 4. Matters needing attention when purchasing lighting 1. Choose a home market where consumer satisfaction or after-sales service is reliable. 3. The name, specifications, quantity, price, and amount of lamps must be indicated on the invoice and contract. 4. Understand the name, address, contact person and telephone number of the organizer and manufacturer, so that quality problems can be contacted and resolved in time.
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