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How to Care for Your Candle

by:Guangli     2020-09-19
Shopping around different stores, sniffing and checking prices. You finally find the candle that looks amazing and smells even better with a price you can live with. Now what? Do you just burn it and let it be? Well, there is a little more to taking care of your newly acquired candle than that. In this article we will go over a few useful tips on how to keep your candle burning bright.
First, when you are not using the candle storing it can be tricky. Make sure it is not in direct sunlight or fluorescent light to avoid cracking and melting. Heat is also a proven killer for candles unless you put the heat there in the form of a flame. Moisture can be bad for your candle as well. When you go to light it the moisture will make it very hard to light. Keep these storage ideas in mind when traveling as well. To summarize keep the candle out of heat, freezing weather, moisture, away from sunlight and protected from breakage.
Cleaning the container the candle is in can seem impossible but it is simpler than you think. When in a jar or container the candle can sometimes leave a black ring around the top. First, wipe the inside of the container with a dry paper towel and trim the wick down to 1/4 inch. This will make your candle pretty and make it safe. With a pillar candle you should wait to move or relighting the candle until the melted wax, that stuff that pools inside the candle ar the top near the wick, is solid again to prevent dripping. Also to clean a stand or a plate use a kitchen scraper to get off the extra wax then soak in hot water and wash.
With the wax or gel tarts you will need a burner specially created to hold the melted wax and have a heat source below. This heat source can be a flame from a tea light candle in a metal container or a light bulb. Before burning check the burner for black build up or excess wax. If there happens to be either clean using instructions above. Now you can carefully place the tart on the top and light the bottom candle or plug in the bulb.
A few quick safety tips: remove any packaging the candle comes in, keep the burning candle in view and attended (this means don't leave the house when it is lit), keep it away from children and pets, and when you are done with the candle use a snuffer to extinguish the flame to prevent hot wax flying or a flame getting away from you and starting a fire.
Now that you know a few useful tips for keeping your amazing candle in great condition enjoy and relax!
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