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How to choose and buy the LED the desk lamp that shield an eye

by:Guangli     2020-04-23
The first: no stroboscopic is the condition of the lamp that shield an eye, at the very least. On the market the & # 39; Sale of fluorescent the lamp that shield an eye have commonly stroboscopic phenomenon, just people don't have he felt fine. Second: please buy slant yellow light lamp, don't buy the desk lamp of bluish white light. According to the scientific verification, blue and white light the human eye has certain damage, lighting and light golden white light is suitable for, speaking, reading and writing. Third: is the important requirement of the desk lamp that shield an eye color. If the color difference of lamplight, is as hard to restore original color. Inspection & # 39; Check the simplest method is: the color of blood red with the palm to check & # 39; Check light color rendering, under the lights, palm red colorful as well, if there is no color in the color rendering. Can also be used for color image contrast. Fourth: generally speaking, the desk lamp that shield an eye of power between 9 w ~ 18 w can full & # 39; Enough to read and write lighting desktop illumination requirements. Lighting power should also be made to match the ambient light dark situation, light brightness shoulds not be too big difference to the environment. In place of environmental brightness is lower.
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