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How to choose appropriate, practical, good on the desk lamp that shield an eye

by:Guangli     2020-04-23
Light is now indispensable substances in social life, it gave the night with the beautiful scenery, has brought people life convenient. Desk lamp, it can not only increase the brightness of the bedroom, also can facilitate our activities at night. Even can be used in the office study, two not mistake! That when the choose and buy the desk lamp that shield an eye at ordinary times, we really want where to begin, and convenient to choose to suit own the desk lamp that shield an eye, let's to cognitive! On the desk lamp that shield an eye of choose and buy of the four elements: 1, light, the brightness of the light to moderate; 2, light color: light to clear, the closer to the sun, watching the clearer; 3, stroboscopic: no stroboscopic or greatly stroboscopic, can reduce the damage to the eyes; 4, ultraviolet light, the stronger the ultraviolet ray, the greater the harm for our eyes. About five check 1, check the light of choose and buy when the choose and buy, we must first look at the light of the lamp after open is stable, homogeneous distribution is soft. When choosing desk lamp it is best to choose a chimney, so can downy lamplight, and can play a protective role. For example some chimney internal reflector with grid, is conducive to lighting area inside and outside the contrast not too strong. 2, check the documents in the choose and buy when we will see if this product have 3 c compulsory certification, if there is a safety certificate, product certificate, these are the important guarantee of product quality. 3, check the service for its service is also very important, when we looked at the product, also want to know whether its after-sale guaranteed, if there is a perfect after-sales service maintenance, detailed address and phone number. 4, check the lamp holder lamp holder of it, we should choose to have a standard interface, even the light bulb has a case of damage or malfunction, the late we also convenient for replacement and maintenance. 5, a lamp brightness wants moderate only play the role of a secondary light source, is too light or too dark, there is a damage for our eyes, so the right lighting can better protect our eyes, if is children desk lamp, more attention should be paid to it. In addition we when the choose and buy must pay attention to not buy bare outside the tubes, there is a certain hidden trouble of security so easily.
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