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How to discern the stand or fall of the desk lamp that shield an eye?

by:Guangli     2020-04-24
Desk lamp processing custom types have a lot of, today we say processing custom out the desk lamp that shield an eye. In the market of lamps and lanterns or stand in the perspective of health to think about it, more and more people choose to give yourself or children and relatives and friends health and safety of the lamps and lanterns that shield an eye, light beautiful chaozhou processing customization of the desk lamp that shield an eye. But we in the choice of the desk lamp that shield an eye at the same time, and how to identify the processing customized desk lamp is not the desk lamp that shield an eye? Let's briefly. First of all, we can start with the observation of light source, rather than the appearance of the lamp, those who use energy-saving lamp as light source, it will certainly exist stroboscopic. And studies show that the electromagnetic radiation, stroboscopic is one of the biggest culprits of juvenile myopia. This is remember that! And then observe the processing customized desk lamp whether or not to use the high frequency electronic ballasts, if is to use the desk lamp of high frequency electronic ballasts, the desk lamp of stroboscopic eye is imperceptible. However, it still exists in the form of wave. The electromagnetic radiation emitted and high-frequency electronic ballasts, would result in grave damage to developing the children's brain, as well as serious damage to the retina. Be careful! Finally is when choosing desk lamp, should choose height of the desk lamp of 40 centimeters of above. Why is that? Because if the height of the lamps and lanterns below 40 centimeters, and eye level or slightly lower, easy to generate large contrast, make the eye continuously in adjustment, to adapt to the change of light and shade. At the same time, the structure of the lamps and lanterns should properly keep out side the strong light, when the eyes in 40 centimeters high look over to the lamp, should not see the interior surface of reflector and the light source, otherwise it will cause glare. These are easy to cause visual fatigue, long-term use can affect vision. Terrible is in the desk lamp that shield an eye in the market, some manufacturers in order to pursue cheap, produced a lot of cartoon small desk lamp, just for children like regardless of the child's health. So the chaozhou lamp custom processing factory' Light li 】 Advised consumers to give the children in/student special lamps and lanterns, the best choice of professional no radiation no stroboscopic the desk lamp that shield an eye. In this way, both the stroboscopic and directly to the high frequency electromagnetic radiation to put an end to the, also in height is very suitable for children.
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