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How to do the eye effect of LED desk lamp?

by:Guangli     2020-04-25
Eye on the LED lamp? This topic is a lamp on the market, and our life, some things, it is also a lot of parents most concerned problems. According to a survey: China's primary school students of myopia incidence is 22. For 55 78%, high school students. 22%, and 76 college students. 74%. According to statistics, the workers engaged in copy writing and many of the students, many patients are caused by inappropriate use desk lamp eye myopia. In advocate energy saving, health, environmental protection fashion today, LED the desk lamp that shield an eye to become the first selection of many consumers buy a lamp. In this era of myopia incidence rate so high, how can we do the eye effect of LED desk lamp? Take a look at below! 1. Belongs to semiconductor LED, dc power supply is needed to work normally, now for the desk lamp that shield an eye protection not eye we don't have a very accurate, according to official data is now the general consensus is the common type fluorescent the desk lamp that shield an eye to the human eye recognition by higher frequency of stroboscopic, but such a high frequency flash for eye is there any help we can't give an accurate judgment, but with higher frequency to achieve no stroboscopic is bound to generate a large number of electromagnetic radiation, and desk lamp so close to the brain, plus use desk lamp are students give priority to, the development of their brain is not so mature adults, so the damage caused to them will be bigger, and the desk lamp that shield an eye, there is no this kind of situation, LED dc power supply, we know from the physics, electromagnetic radiation is the result of the current change regularly, and this change means the current direction of change, is a time when an alternating current work situation! And there is electricity will be electromagnetic radiation, but, after all, the frequency is small and relatively far away from the body, the damage to the person almost can be ignored. 2. The desk lamp that shield an eye by a new generation of electronic constant-current technology, current is very stable, so the lamp will not produce flashing. Fundamentally eliminate the stroboscope, eyes feel more comfortable. So as to achieve the purpose of the eye. Ordinary type fluorescent the desk lamp that shield an eye, although claims no stroboscopic but really no stroboscopic? From the perspective of physics, as long as it is using alternating current (ac) work for a long time will produce stroboscopic, just the stroboscopic speed, is blinking frequency, and led to what is no stroboscopic lamp by stroboscopic frequency increase, to the human eye recognition, but the actual will produce considerable stroboscopic. By this means can reach no stroboscopic effect on eye, it remains to be discussed. 3. High brightness LED, common 3 w LED light source brightness is equivalent to ordinary 40 w incandescent lamp brightness, power is more small, less power consumption, heat will be more less, also improved the security of the whole. General the lamp that shield an eye often work for a period of time will generate a lot of heat, and the heat radiating out is few, so cause the lamp body temperature, caused a certain hidden trouble to safety. Especially when children use easy cause scalding accidents. 4. LED lamp general under 36 v working voltage, and less than 36 v voltage is considered safe voltage, won't cause harm to human body, so that's why a lot of LED desk lamp also does not have the reason of 3 c authentication, which from another aspect to strengthen the safety of LED desk lamp, even if accidental leakage will not cause any significant damage to human body. And ordinary desk lamp is usually plug into 220 v power supply, it leads to a safety hazard, especially children, under the condition of strong protection consciousness is not special, may cause great damage to safety. 5. LED light source of chromatography is considered the most close to the sun, and we have time to be exposed to the sun, eyes achieved a good adaptability to sunlight, so to say, when there is a kind of light source can be like the sun, so, the adaptability of eyes will be better, will feel more comfortable, and that's why LED is widely used in some developed countries. What kind of table lamp for the eye, this is not an accurate change, in time, in the progress of science and technology, however, to be sure, the current of all the lamps, the LED desk lamp is undoubtedly the most eye, best to human body health. After the above LED lamp, we know how to choose the right LED the desk lamp that shield an eye? First look at the LED desk lamp, national 3 c compulsory certification. Avoid buying LED the desk lamp that shield an eye to mix a less known and inferior brand; Second look at the LED desk lamp color temperature, color temperature is too high will feel the light pale, will feel anti; Color temperature is too low, the light is yellow, the eyes will easily tired; The most appropriate color temperature is around 5000 k color temperature, light yellow light; Look at the LED desk lamp brightness, brightness is too light or too dark can cause eye fatigue, so appropriate brightness is necessary ( Advised to choose a promise of that move light) 。 Finally to see the LED desk lamp optical processing, due to the LED the desk lamp that shield an eye is LED chips as light source, belong to the point light source, so the reasonable optical processing technology is very necessary.
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