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How to maintain lighting fixtures

by:Guangli     2020-07-22
1. Install correctly. When we buy a lamp and go home, especially when installing it by ourselves, be sure to read the instructions first. This may have nothing to do with maintenance, but if it is not installed correctly, the lamp can easily break, sometimes even explode. , Very dangerous, so special places, one is the bathroom, and the other is the kitchen. Bathroom: The lamp must be equipped with a moisture-proof lampshade, otherwise it will greatly shorten the service life; Kitchen: The lamp should pay special attention to oil fume, because the accumulation of grease will affect the illumination of the lamp; and the light shade of the light color is better, but it is easy to stick to the gray, and it should be wiped diligently so as not to affect the penetration of light; 2. Replace the aging lamp in time With long-term use of lamps, we can notice that the two ends of the lamp will be reddish, or there will be a black shadow. The purpose is to prevent unsafe phenomena such as burnout of the ballast. 3. Clean properly There is a lot of dust in the city now. After using the lamps for a period of time, a thick layer of dust will be deposited on them, affecting our vision, so regular cleaning cannot be avoided, so be careful not to change the structure of the lamps during the cleaning process. Don't change the parts of the lamp casually. After cleaning and maintenance, you should install the lamp as it is, and don't miss or misinstall the lamp parts. Cleaning method: Generally, the lamps and lanterns should be wiped with a dry cloth, and pay attention to prevent moisture intrusion. If the lamps and lanterns are non-metallic, they can be wiped with a damp cloth to avoid dust accumulation and hinder the lighting effect. 4. Avoid frequent switching of lamps. Do not switch frequently when using, because the current through the filament at the moment of frequent startup is greater than the current during normal operation, which makes the temperature of the filament rise sharply and accelerates sublimation, which will greatly reduce its use. Longevity, so you should minimize the switch of the lamp.
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