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How to Make a Table Lamp From a Ceramic Vase

by:Guangli     2020-06-24
A table lamp is great both as a lighting source and a decorative piece of item. There are many different types of such lighting fixtures available in the market, but for those homeowners with a creative streak wishing to defy convention may choose to create their own from various items, such as the ceramic vase. For this purpose, you will need a ceramic vase, driller, paint and a do-it-yourself lighting kit. The first step to making your very own personalized lamp is to choose a ceramic vase. There are many different kinds of vases available, differing from each other in terms of their size, style, colors and finishes. The choice of which vase to use depends on factors such as the type of room you wish to place the table lamp in, as well as its theme and colors among other things. Once you have selected a vase, it is now time to do some drilling for the cord to connect to the socket. There are a few mini steps that need to be completed before you can begin drilling a hole on the vase. If your vase has a glossy finish, remove this by using sandpaper. Next, use a masking tape over the spot you would like to drill (the recommended spot is about an inch from the bottom of the vase). Then, place the vase on a cushion or padded surface to absorb the shock from drilling. Finally, begin drilling a small part of the spot first before re-drilling a few more times to make the hole the appropriate size for the cord to go through. Once you have completed this step, it is now time to do put some color on the vase. Before you begin painting, choose a color that you think would complement the vase as a table lamp and how it would match the room. Once you have a color, you need to consider whether you prefer to color by using spray paint or a paint brush. Whatever medium you choose to use, make sure you get the color evenly distributed onto the vase, and let it dry before you begin assembling the lighting parts of the lamp. There are various do-it-yourself kits that contain all the materials needed to assemble the lighting parts and an instruction manual to guide you on installing each of these individual parts. You need to familiarize yourself with these parts and take note of the safety precautions included in the manual to avoid any injuries or electrocution. Once the wiring has been completed, you can now assemble your very own ceramic vase table lamp. A personalized table lighting fixture is not only easy to make, but it is also cheaper and is a great way to show off your very own decorating style.
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