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How to make creative USB lamp?

by:Guangli     2020-04-24
Want to own life is full of sense of ceremony, satisfaction, must first learn to live a handmade, although is not very tall, but very practical and environmental protection. We usually pay attention to junk secondary use, so it can be used again, don't go away as far as possible, we can make them a delicate items. Today we are going to speak of how handmade USB lamp, if you often like to do some simple small production science and technology, then come with light li began to learn the ways of the USB lamp. Before starting the handmade USB lamp, we must to prepare tools and materials to the following: 1. Beverage bottle, Transparent mineral water bottle) ; 2. Waste disks ( CD) ; 3. 4 hot melt glue gun. Straw hat LED lamp; 5. Switch; 6. USB cable. 7. Soldering iron. 8. Scissors; 9. Charging treasure. We can make a USB will be discarded bottles by charging treasure USB lamp as a source of energy, you can also use desk lamp to the laptop for night work amount used, the purpose of the beverage bottle. When we work, the material ready, we will start according to the following particular way to see the USB lamp table lamp manufacture principle and the corresponding steps. Step 1: the beverage bottle is a third of the bottle bottom to lose; Step 2: ready two abandoned disc, on which a CD after coated with hot melt adhesive, then stick the first cut bottles on the CD, pay attention to stand glued CD reflective side facing up; Step 3: to get off of beverage bottles, drill a hole in the middle; The fourth step: after the drill again to cap hole insert the straw hat LED lights, and then use hot melt adhesive it tight. After completion of these steps, we took the lamp cap stick in the middle of the second chapter discs, cements and then put the cap screw back into the bottles; Step 5: here we're going to use the USB cable, we will first a USB cable cut off in the middle, and then connect the USB a separate out, and a series of access to line it. With connected switches and leds and USB cords; Step 6: well all of the electrical interface with electric welding, USB cords with hot melt adhesive on the back of CD; Step 7: stick switch on the back of CD, and then insert the USB charging treasure, press the switch after we can see the USB lamp whether can normal operation. Today's creative desk lamp course is to introduce here, about making handmade USB lamp still have a lot of kinds, welcome to li know more about learning the desk lamp of light processing customized!
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