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How To Put Your Table Lamp Back Together

by:Guangli     2020-06-18
Have you ever needed to pull your table lamp apart, perhaps to replace a globe or a damaged socket, only to discover that you have no idea how to put it back together again? Whilst they may look terribly complicated, these sorts of lamps can actually be quite simple to piece back together. Step 1: Place the base onto a flat work surface followed by the body; the base often features a hole in the centre, which is for the power cord to travel out of, whilst the body should have a hole at either end. Step 2: Slide the rod into the top hole of the body, out there the bottom hole and into the base. Put a washer over the end of the rod and screw into place. Then, thread the cord into the bottom of the rod and out through the top. Screw in the neck (if the table lamp has one) and the harp. Step 3: Place the socket cap over the bottom of the harp and screw to the rod, making sure it is the right way up. Wrap the 'hot' wire around the gold screw on the socket and wrap the 'neutral' wire around the silver screw. Step 4: Place the socket shell over the bulb socket, making sure that you tuck the cords inside. Squeeze the ends of the harp and slide them into the bottom of the shell, then screw a bulb in. When putting your table lamp together, it is important to keep in mind that there may be additional or even less steps depending on the type. If you become stuck when trying to put your lamp back together, you should contact a lighting specialist or even the manufacturer to ask for their advice.
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