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How to Select the Right Lamp Shade for a Table Lamp

by:Guangli     2020-06-27
A table lamp is both an essential lighting accessory and a decorative item that can be placed anywhere inside a home. Just like the base, the shade comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, styles and colors, all of which can be mixed and matched with one another to suit the specific base and room it will be placed in. Here are some tips on how to choose the right lamp shade. Like most decorating tips, the number one rule is to match the selected item with its accompanying items. In this case, you need to match the shade with its particular base. This should be the starting point to determine your choice of shades. This can be done with regard to the style, size, and color of the base. If the base has an angular or boxy modern shape to it, then a similar-shaped shade will look better matched with it. But if a base is a shapelier Victorian, then a rounded shade will perhaps look better. The bigger the size of the base, the larger the shade needs to be. Next, you need to figure out what the lamp is used for before you can select the right type of lamp shade to be fixed to it. There are different kinds of uses to this lighting fixture, one of which is reading. If you are looking to use it for reading, then you need to pick a shade that is of a bigger and wider size in order to diffuse the light more. However, if you are looking to add some decorative fixture or to create a romantic ambience, then the choice of shade is determined by other factors such as the color of your room and its style. Another thing to remember when choosing the right shade is that it must be of an appropriate size. In general, the shade should be hiding the lamp switch. There are other rules to consider such as the shade height should be at least three quarters of the base height, the bottom of the shade should be wider than the widest part of the base, and the width of the shade should be equal to the height of the bottom of the base to the socket. A table lamp is an important item to have in your home, both as a lighting fixture and as a decorative accessory. In order to choose the right kind of shade that best complements its base, you not only need to match the shade with its base, but also with lamp's use. The shade also needs to be of the correct size.
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