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Importance LED small night light heat dissipation problem

by:Guangli     2020-04-10
LED small night light, by means of the global energy shortage and environmental pollution, LED by its characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection has a broad application space, small night light manufacturers in the field of lighting LED product application is attracting the attention of the world. Generally speaking, the LED lights work is stable, the quality is good or bad, and the lamp body itself vital heat dissipation, high brightness leds on the market at present the heat dissipation, often using natural cooling, the effect is not ideal. Small night light factory remind: LED light source of LED lamps and lanterns, consists of LED, heat dissipation structure, drive, the lens, so the heat dissipation is also an important part of if the LED can't very good heat dissipation, and its life will be affected. < / p > < / p > 1, heat management is the main problems in application of high brightness LED < / p > < / p > as a result of group III nitride p-type doping is limited by the solubility of Mg acceptor and holes can start, high heat easier to produce in the p type area in particular, the heat must be through the whole structure can dissipate heat sink; LED device of heat conduction and thermal convection cooling way is mainly; Sapphire substrate material very low thermal conductivity lead to devices thermal resistance increase, severe since the heating effect of a devastating impact on the performance and reliability of the device. < / p > < / p > 2, the influence of the heat to high brightness LED < / p > < / p > LED small night light: heat focused on the chip size is small, the chip temperature, thermal stress caused by non-uniform distribution, chip light-emitting efficiency and fluorescent powder blaster efficiency decline; When the temperature exceeds a certain value, the device failure rate law of exponential increase. Statistics show that the component temperature every 2 ℃, a fall of 10% reliability. When multiple dense array of white light LED lighting system, the heat dissipation problem is more serious. Solve the problem of heat management has become a high brightness LED application prerequisites. < / p > < / p > 3, chip size and the relationship between heat dissipation < / p > < / p > energy-saving LED small night light, small night lamp manufacturer to improve the brightness of the power LED is the most direct way to increase the input power, and in order to prevent the active layer of saturated must increase p - accordingly The size of the n junction; Increase the input power must make the junction temperature is high, thus lower the quantum efficiency. The improvement of single tube power depends on the device will heat from p - N junction of export capacity, while maintaining the existing on the material, structure, encapsulation technology, chip cooling conditions, the current density is constant and equivalent alone increases the size of the chip, junction area temperature will continue to rise. < / p > < p > chaozhou light li electronics company, specializing in the production of 3 c electric LED small night light, welcome your inquiry < / p > < p > the article source: li 3 c electric light a night light ea - gl。 com

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