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In view of the desk lamp that shield an eye say its theory

by:Guangli     2020-04-14
The desk lamp that shield an eye style very much, in the market have substandard products have high quality. How do we go to choose a few which accord with our aesthetic can protect our eyes the desk lamp that shield an eye again? We take a look at. First tell me about something in theory, the development of lighting source. Until we read and write the homework now desk lamp, as the use of lighting is divided into three phases, the first phase is the common use of incandescent lamp, the desk lamp of incandescent bulbs, this is the first stage. The second phase is the emergence of the fluorescent lamp, desk lamp installed fluorescent lamp, at the same time with current-limiting inductance ballasts, fluorescent lamp can work normally. This is the previous fluorescent lamp, the inductance ballast, starter and, a start is frequently flashing lights, finally. The third stage or fluorescent lamps, fluorescent itself has changed, however, it adopted the system of phosphor, its part in visible light spectrum itself is more abundant, it is light part of the improvement. At the same time, the inductor current limiter has been changed to electronic ballast, electronic ballast of the working frequency is 500 to 1000 times higher than now, also is the process of incandescent bulbs in the past, or the traditional fluorescent lamp work frequency is 50 hz, now the desk lamp of general electronic ballast, the frequency of the work should be in 20 to 50 k k, which improves the work frequency of 500 to 1000 times. Of the lamp that shield an eye that is sold on the market now is mostly belongs to the third stage, with electronic ballast. Some of them are directly energy-saving lamps, lamp not trichromatic lamp. The desk lamp that shield an eye different modelling style, material also differ slightly. Such as hotel desk lamp is much larger than the size of the home decoration lamp, especially for the desk lamp of the hotel lobby, shape size is more big, thick luxury. European antique desk lamp is able to bear or endure look, form a complete set of European construction style, have the effect of icing on the cake. Modern business hotel suite, supporting some contemporary and contracted desk lamp, relaxed and concise, not slow, will be refreshing. The desk lamp of luxury high-grade, with suitable environmental photograph collocation, adorn a space effect is good, no matter the light is on, or closed, is a work of art! Now, in the light of the problem is very demanding, suitable light intensity when using can make human body posture be corrected, the good is so normal light and the line of sight of people in a level, it is best not to let the light hitting the eyes directly, the area of work, make the desk lamp that shield an eye not to spread, it is best to keep the agreement of the illumination of the light.
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