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Introduction to the LED lamps and lanterns as used for in your life

by:Guangli     2020-03-15
< p > with the rapid development of LED lighting industry, LED lighting lamps and lanterns can solve the problem of existed before the traditional lighting, such as some unique lighting requirements of explosion-proof, waterproof performance requirements, such as the emergence of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns to improve the safety of inflammable and explosive in the production and operation places. Lighting equipment for safe and reliable production of it development play a very important role in security. Below small make up together with you look at the LED lighting lamps and lanterns in some typical applications in the field of the unique requirements of lighting. < / p > < p > first of all, we analysis the LED application domain one of main is to daily maintenance and emergency lighting, is the main pipeline, equipment inspection, the unexpected emergency need to move the class such as explosion-proof LED lamps and lanterns. Explosion-proof search light with its high brightness, long working hours, maintenance-free advantages become the latest must-haves in the petrochemical workers and phasing out the traditional emergency light. Application of LED lamps and lanterns in petrochemical industry has a very big advantage, that is only from the intensity of illumination and energy-saving ways. If you count after using LED lamps and lanterns of the security benefits and social benefits. LED lamps and lanterns of typical types: LED explosion-proof torch. < / p > < p > second, LED lighting lamps and lanterns is applied in the pump room, indoor equipment area, mainly for indoor equipment such as pumps, lighting area for equipment and instrument, etc. , also in the explosion-proof, waterproof performance of lamps and lanterns is very strict, and facilities to keep out form corner lot of lighting, lighting lamps and lanterns before volume and complex installation to form uneven illumination and glare. LED technology lighting is small in size and nature of white light makes the installation and maintenance is simple, concise and comfortable lighting places. < / p > < p > in the end, the LED lighting lamps and lanterns is applied in the main tower, tanks, pipelines and other outdoor or indoor equipment, local lighting area or pedestrian passageway for instrument equipment, lamps and lanterns is generally 2 - the configuration of the height 4 meters, intensity of illumination general requirements for about 20 lux. Region and 0 to 1 area, because most of the area is very strict with explosion-proof performance of lamps and lanterns, basic requirements and isolation degree, mostly outdoor areas, require good waterproof lamps and lanterns, corrosion resistance, at the same time, most of the area of a few meters or even hundreds of meters high altitude area, high temperature and high pressure, the replacement of lamps and lanterns, maintenance is extremely difficult. LED lamps and lanterns is the essence of safety and long life thoroughly solve this problem, the safety of the industry demand decides the application of the LED lamps and lanterns has the very big development potential. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > the article source: ea - small night light gl。 com/

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