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Lamps and lanterns of choose and buy of common sense: LED lights are not as bright as possible

by:Guangli     2020-05-11
The reporter sees in the market of lamps and lanterns, a 4 watts of light li MASTER LED ball bubble at 60 yuan, only 10 yuan and some unknown brand, and even LED lights price as low as 5 yuan a. Prices have been scratching their heads. Due to the current authentication marks is not about the quality of the LED lights, experts suggest that try to choose the brand products. Light brand to do better. Big brand for brand benefit, not for profits but danger to brand image. General users buy lamp only see brightness, industry experts said that the LED is not as bright as possible. Can have logo 'light color temperature, the higher the temperature, the higher light efficiency, looks brighter. In fact, low color temperature looks more comfortable, the cost is also higher. 'Explained the personage inside course of study, in the morning and evening sunlight color temperature in 3000 k to 3500 k, soft, noon increased to 4000 k ~ 4500 k, and the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp color temperature around 6200 k. It is understood that the general household LED lights for 3 ~ 7 watts, the domestic light source ( Only LED particles) Prices in 2 ~ 3 yuan /, therefore 4 watt bulb price in 20 ~ 50 yuan, if less than 20 yuan, the quality problems. And follow-up maintenance is also a problem of LED lights, the apparently more trustworthy brand enterprises.
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