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LED lamp in addition to the stroboscopic should pay attention to what place?

by:Guangli     2020-05-06
LED lamp stroboscopic, just as its name implies is refers to the light switch cycle fluctuate. Stroboscopic of lamps and lanterns is formed by the light of light and shade change, there is a change frequency below 100 hz, the stroboscopic can capture by the human eye. Another is to change the frequency above 100 hz, people are invisible to the naked eye of the stroboscope, but actually can damage the body. The naked eye to see the LED desk lamp light must be soft, light is even, not a small point source of light. So how do we see the stroboscopic lamp? 1, look at the LED desk lamp light, really the desk lamp that shield an eye should brightness stability, flicker-free. 2, see the lamps and lanterns of LED desk lamp, lamp shade design is reasonable the lamps and lanterns of LED desk lamp, lamp shade design also is very key, is also a lot of people often ignore a key points. Glare not only have harm to people's eyes, but also for psychology has obvious effect, affecting people's emotions. See here, then someone will ask, what is the glare of the LED lamp? Glare of LED desk lamp, just as its name implies is refers to the field of vision due to inappropriate brightness distribution, in space or time or there is extreme brightness contrast, so as to cause visual discomfort and reduce the visibility of the object of visual conditions. Simple point, when the light irradiation to written, if handwriting can be clearly seen, the eye won't feel dazzling, then it is good the desk lamp that shield an eye, light color rendering index is usually high. In order to reduce the glare, some lampshade will be particularly built-in grid reflector, to reduce the lighting area and the lighting area, the effect of the contrast to protect eyes. 3, look at the LED desk lamp on the design technology can reduce radiation? According to li understanding of light, where there is an electric current passes through, will generate electromagnetic radiation, some small household electrical appliances also have radiation. LED lamp glowing lamp and light pole, circuit boards, power cables are electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation to human reproductive system damage, the damage is to accumulate over a long period. The expert points out, currently on the market is filled with all kinds of cheap inferior LED desk lamp, their radiation cause harm to human body. Some of the desk lamp of desk lamp through the blu-ray isolation blu-ray in order to achieve the goal of reducing radiation, light like this kind of desk lamp. LED it has a blue light, there are many ways to reduce the blu-ray and the most practical method or at ordinary times in the process of using the eyes don't direct to the light, with the desk lamp of the lampshade can also achieve good results. 4, the last to speak is LED lamp general principle of a LED desk lamp general principle is what? Is when we were in the purchase of LED desk lamp to try one, two, three, four principle of touch, of course don't force is too large, otherwise damage can compensate. It is to point to will the power cord plug from the socket, hard pull the power cord to the lamp cavity, test the connection to the power cord is rigid, quality of the desk lamp of the power cord will not fall off from the lamp cavity. Refers to the various working position adjust the lamp. After no sound, adjust the work position can lock in order to be convenient and reliable. Shake refers to the place the desk lamp to work in a bad position, gently shaking table lamp placed flat, overturned desk lamp is not easy, the stability is good. Touch refers to touch the lamp shade and so on not only can touch get hot. First open lamp for some time, can be 2 hours, with the hand touch these parts, if it is too hot, for the sake of personal safety, had better not buy, especially families with children, they often take a craters, accidentally burns easily. After understanding these steps LED desk lamp before buying need to know, we are more concerned with its after-sales service, the quality of the lamps have good and bad, can put the seller consultation, if quality problems when the choose and buy should pay attention to see if yo good after-sales service, see if there are any maintenance address and telephone number. In general, if they are well-known brands, after-sales service is guaranteed. So, we must keep in mind!
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