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LED lamp is really beneficial to eyesight?

by:Guangli     2020-05-07
LED lamp brightness is brighter than ordinary lamp, adults look straight into the LED light source will feel anti, needless to say, if not carefully look at the LED light source, will cause harm to the eyes, because the LED lamp is a point light source, not as soft as ordinary lamp, LED lamp as a flashlight, street light more practical, not recommended for family use LED lights, and the boy was more cannot use leds. Damage must have been some, but is much smaller than ordinary lamp. LED lamp current color temperature is too high, which is close to the noon sunlight color temperature, so look at is not very comfortable, and the LED light beam Angle is too small, the light is too concentrated, if children are not careful look words will bring irreversible damage to the eyes, and to be honest, the price is too expensive. If you don't want to buy, buy a color temperature not higher than 4000 k, or children to see words will cause myopia. Using ordinary light bulb, is just that, filament light only it can be a continuous spectrum of light. 吗? These cold light lamp, LED lights light spectrum is not complete, hindrance to identify the color, price expensive, can't afford to current circulation, thunder is very easy to burn out. Fluorescent lamp with mercury vapour, such as sealing is not good, will come out, it is bad for our health. Cheap and no poisonous things, regular bulbs are more amenable to current flow. Seems partial businessman for the LED desk lamp to prevent eyesight is generally don't look good. Media said the lights for the eyesight is mainly manifested in these aspects: the influence of stroboscopic, ultraviolet light, color rendering index. CCTV10 science and education programs tested all sorts of lamps and lanterns for the influence degree of the vision, the result in the following table: seen from the table, no stroboscopic, no ultraviolet ray, reached more than 90 color rendering and illustrates the leds as eyecare products seems very perfect, is this true? Experts say the LED as a desk lamp is not suitable for. Fudan university institute of electric light source in recent years the market for domestic reading with the desk lamp of a large number of tests, found the LED blue light many, is not good for the eyesight. In addition to the blue light, LED desk lamp of the common problems in the products in the last few years is the insufficient light flux, the light compares dark; In addition, in terms of color rendering, underneath the LED desk lamp to see color distortion; At the same time, according to only a small part of, this call light shape distribution is not appropriate; And LED lamp luminous point is more bright, will feel very dazzling, if looking directly at the eyes will feel very uncomfortable. At present, countries there is no a unified standard about LED desk lamp, some very time LED desk lamp is not good for the eyes. Therefore, in addition to the individual, particularly good quality goods do not have very good eye effect. Said principle for vision, is not only affected by the lights of the single factor, but also affected by other factors. Now is generally believed that the cause of myopia have? : 1, genetic factors, especially those with high myopia. 2, growth factors, in the eye of the curvature of the lens is with age was long and gradually become bigger, if excessive development, eye axis also gradually lengthen, the formation of myopia. 3, environmental factors, which is the main reason for many patients with myopia. 吗? Young students of myopia rate rise gradually, this and leave in today's society is more and more developed science and technology products. Today's youth myopia is mainly to watch TV, Internet, playing video games for a long time do not pay attention to use eye, such as, of course, also because of reading, writing posture is not correct, the book put close to the eye, or lighting condition is bad. These will make the ciliary body muscles contracting, lens degrees F growth, make the muscles inside the ciliary body is in nervous condition, variable F lens can't conceive after to normal, thus causing the pseudomyopia. If still do not pay attention to take effective measures to prevent and control, it becomes true sex myopia. 4,? Other factors, such as the change of the nutrient. So, prevent myopia not just to change the light, but more should be more from other reasons, will let our eyes better!
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