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LED lamps and lanterns of choose and buy you need to know these things!

by:Guangli     2020-03-13
Application of a new type of light source flexible < / p > than incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, led is a new type of light source, but its distinctive traits: energy consumption of small, relatively long life, light color is adjustable, do not contain mercury, etc. In addition to these advantages, the led is more popular for its flexible application. Chaozhou li factory specializing in the production of 3 c LED optical light a night light. < / p > use the traditional light source, a lot of consumer have a feeling, some of the fluorescent lamp and metal halide lamp is darker, just turn on the light then will brighten. And the led light source can be instantaneous start, immediately to the point of the brightest. In addition, compared with the traditional light source life show only a light, led light source can move light toning. Single star led light source can realize the change of the color of light, can be better to create a warm family atmosphere. < / p > at present there are two types of led products, one kind is led alternative light sources, existing lamps and lanterns can directly replace the traditional light source; Another kind is the led lamps and lanterns, achieved the integration of the light source and lamps and lanterns design products. The reporter sees in the market, at present led instead of light source on the interface of the size and shape maintain high consistency with the traditional light source, can be easily replace the lamps and lanterns in the traditional light source. And shape of the led lamps and lanterns, application way variety to choose from, can make the lamps and lanterns, also can make lamp tape, etc. , therefore, was welcomed by more and more consumers. In addition, due to the led to system integration of intelligent control, through the computer, mobile phone, the control panel to control, remote control and other media, determines its suitable for future development. Also appear on the market at present the can through the mobile phone software to regulate the light color of led home lighting products. < / p > indoor selection & # 39; Two low & # 39; Product broad purposes: < / p > led road lighting, building, the wild, shopping malls, etc. , for the average consumer, led lamps and lanterns is mainly used for indoor lighting, China lighting electric appliance association of relevant experts advised to choose a 'low colour temperature', 'low power' products. Chaozhou li factory specializing in the production of low power electric light 3 c a night light. < / p > color temperature shows the characteristics shown the color of the led lighting products, generally fall into three categories: low colour temperature ( ﹤3300K) , medium temperature ( More than 3300 b6000k, light color is white, used in hospital, shops and other places) And high color temperature ( St13 of 6000 k, the light blue color, more used in the classroom, drawing room, window display and so on) 。 TPS low color has red color, give a person with a warm, healthy, comfortable feeling, suitable for families, homes and other places. Power determines the brightness of the led lighting products, low power products are mainly used in indoor lighting, such as desk lamp, corridor lamp, small night light lamp, the living room. < / p > alert to lamps and lanterns of & # 39; Blu-ray hazard & # 39; < / p > < p > for the led optical radiation will harm to human body, since reach indoor led products, the industry have been focused on. The reporter understands, blu-ray harm not only led lighting products, some metal halide lamp and fluorescent lamp is blue. And our country as early as March 2006 launched the biological safety of light the lamp and lamp system '( GB/T20145B2006) Standard, the safety of the lamps and lanterns are classified. According to the standard, 0 class ( No dangerous) Under the condition of the limit of lamps and lanterns also don't have any light biological hazards; Type 1 ( Low risk) The exposure of lamps and lanterns no hazard under normal conditions limit; 2 class ( In the dangerous) Lamps and lanterns of light will not make the person feels light and temperature of the reaction of harm; 3 class ( High risk) Lamps and lanterns, cause harm to human body in a flash. < / p > < p > post: light 3 c ea - small night light gl。 com < / p > < p > < / p >
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