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LED light color warm color

by:Guangli     2020-04-05
Light color temperature: < p > < / p > < p > people with light color temperature is equal or close completely the absolute temperature of radiator to describe the color of the light source table ( The human eye directly observed light color) you see when Also known as the light source color temperature. Color temperature is the absolute temperature (K). Different color temperature would cause people emotionally different reaction, we usually put the light source color temperature is divided into three categories: < / p > < p > warm color light < / p > < p > warm color light color temperature below 3300 k,. Incandescent light warm color light and color, more red light components, give a person the sense with warm, healthy, comfortable, suitable for families, housing, dormitory, hospitals, hotels and other places, or temperature is lower. < / p > < p > warm white < / p > < p > is also called the middle color, the color temperature in k - 3300 5300 k. 。 Warm white light is downy, make the person feel happy, comfortable, peaceful, is suitable in shop, hospital, office, hotel, restaurant, waiting room and so on. < / p > < p > light cool color < / p > < p > is also called light color, the color temperature above 5300 k, light close to natural light, bright feeling, make the person focused, suitable for office, conference room, classroom, drawing room, design room, library, reading room, window display and so on. < / p > < p > play color < / p > < p style = 'text - indent:32px; 线- 高度:24 px; 背景:白色; 保证金, 底部:0; '> light source color rendering of objects is called the degree of color, also is the realistic color, play high color light source of color performance is good, we can see color is more close to natural color, in low light color with color performance is bad, we can see the color deviation is bigger also. < / p > < p > why do high and low points of color? The key lies in the spectral characteristics of the light, the wavelength of visible light at 380 nm to 780 nm range, that is we have to see in the spectrum of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, violet light range, if the light source of the light emission by a contained in the proportion of each color close to natural light, then our eyes can see color is more realistic. < / p > < p > we generally represent color for color rendering index. Standard color in standard light source of radiation, color rendering index for 100. When colour is test illuminant, the color degree of distortion on the vision, is this kind of light source color rendering index. Is the color rendering index, the greater the distortion is less, on the other hand, the greater the distortion, the less the color rendering index. Different places for light source color rendering index requirements are not the same. In the international lighting association general color rendering index is divided into five categories: < / p > < p > category Ra scope < / p > < p > 1 a & gt; 90 art galleries, museums and printing industries and places < / p > < p > 2 b - 80 90 families, restaurants, advanced textile technology and relevant industry < / p > < p > 60-2 80 offices, schools, outdoor street lighting < / p > < p > 3-40 60 heavy industry, outdoor street lighting < / p > < p > 4-20 40 outdoor road lighting and places not demanding < / p > < p > chaozhou li electrical appliance factory specializing in the production of light a night light, temperature and humidity meter, LED rechargeable small desk lamp. < / p > < p > the article source: li 3 c electric light a night light ea - gl。 com/

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