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LED Lighting - Does It Save Money?

by:Guangli     2020-08-04
Energy saving becomes ever more a priority these days, whether we are just trying to save money or to become more eco-conscious. The latest in energy-saving lighting solutions are LED light bulbs, which have been shown to use far less electricity than either the old style incandescent light bulbs or the newer energy-saving fluorescent ones. The down-side is that they aren't cheap to purchase in the first place. So before you invest in them for your whole house, you want to know whether they really will save you money. The short answer is that good quality LED light bulbs, over their predicted life span of ten years, will definitely save money. They pay for their purchase price over the first two years in energy saved and for the next eight years you will be enjoying hugely reduced lighting bills for no further cost. But, and there is always a but, the longevity of LED light bulbs depends on their quality. Top quality brands are well made and stable, with properly designed heat sinks that protect the bulb from heat build up. However there are now a lot of cheaper products on the market, that make all the same claims but don't live up to them. They cost less to purchase but don't last anything like the ten years achieved by the top brands. So those who save money on the purchase price can end up being disappointed in the performance of these cheap options and not really saving money over the long term. Top brands of LED light bulbs have invested significantly more in their research and development. Their quality control is tighter and their bulbs really do live up to the claims they make for them. So you pay out more for these bulbs at the beginning but save more over their ten year lifespan. So how long should your quality LED bulb last? 50,000 hours of lighted time is the general estimate. This works out as 10 hours a day for 13 years. After this time the bulb will still give out light, but it will gradually reduce in brightness. One LED light bulb lasts about as long as 50 incandescent bulbs, so when you compare the purchase price of one LED compared to 50 incandescent bulbs it actually works out cheaper, even before you count the 80% reduction in electricity consumption. Make sure you purchase the optimum LED for your particular needs. They now come in so many varieties that it can be confusing, so consult a specialist in LED lighting. They will advise on the best options for you and will recommend the most reliable brands that really will save you money.
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