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LED Lighting: Large Investment, But Worth Initial Cost?

by:Guangli     2020-07-30
As time has progressed, the L.E.D. (light emitting diode) light has in fact proved to be aesthetically and monetarily successful, in addition to saving at least 80% of energy consumption when compared to incandescent bulbs and 50% in comparison to CFLs (compact fluorescent lights). The emphasis placed on the difference between LED and incandescent bulbs relates to the general 'makeup' in design and structure: LED lamps have an estimated life expectancy of 50,000 hours, while incandescent counterparts hover at around 2,000 hours. In an effort to create dramatic and seamless lighting, whether at a business or within a residential setting, no one should be willing to take the risk of inadequate lighting by CFLs, when LED lights are more energy efficient and provide higher light output and color rendering. Recent success stories of LED lighting have been seen from coast to coast in a variety of different building types and structures that use the perks of the concept to save money and energy. In Northampton, Massachusetts, the use to LED-based fixtures at fast food chains KFC and Taco Bell have inspired others in the community to make the switch. In Los Angeles, Rock Sugar Pan Asian Kitchen, which is a restaurant owned by The Cheesecake Factory chain, uses LED lighting to achieve stylish and efficient lighting that was not possible with fluorescents or incandescents. In California, industry experts and business owners are working together in order to capitalize on the possibilities that LED based lighting can have on energy efficiency and overhead costs. Alcon Lighting, a Los Angeles based leader in LED lighting distribution and design, has proved to be an innovator in this area. The company carries a wide array of LED options and has invested in the promotion of one particular company, CREE. CREE, originally famous for LED chip manufacturing and LED technology innovations, has now shifted to residential and commercial LED fixture manufacturing. The LED lamps and fixtures manufactured by CREE company successfully been installed in all Wal-Mart chains, several schools and colleges throughout the United States, and fast food chains including McDonald's, KFC and Taco Bell. By drastically decreasing energy consumption, in addition to being mercury-free and environmentally safe, LED light bulbs can be roughly 100% to 200% more expensive in initial investments when compared to CFLs. As incandescent bulbs are phased out, consumers will have to choose between CFLs and LED based lighting to replace existing lamps and fixtures.
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