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LED rechargeable lamps how to processing into USB lamp?

by:Guangli     2020-05-10
First do this title must want to know, the LED rechargeable lamps processed into USB lamp is not just to play, because if you do this is to play or throw away, don't give yourself for the time and effort, if you don't like to do a thing, even if you try you will feel no sense, it is better to put your time on meaningful things. LED rechargeable lamps processed into USB lamp, of course, is not the role that shield an eye, if you need a light to their eyes do the USB desk lamp that shield an eye, or go to some big brands of lamps and lanterns to buy more appropriate. Here anyway, those of us who abandoned the LED rechargeable lamps when processed into USB lamp to analyze its structure, usually LED rechargeable table lamp 220 v ac input, mainly to electric storage battery ( Is a simple battery) 。 And analysis the LED rechargeable lamps lighting part of the route out of the storage battery to the LED lamp bead part ( This section should be dc lines) 。 So what we need is the most important part, the actual is the lighting part. Because the power supply part of the need to use USB to replace. See here, I believe someone will be in doubt. Assumes that the charging lamp USES 18650 storage battery, so the output voltage of the battery in 3. About 7 v, dc! Reach the lighting voltage is 3. 7直流? How do we use USB cable to the power supply? And the USB output voltage is 5 VDC, the current is different according to different USB ports ( 350ma、500ma、1a. 。 。 ) Ultimately, how to give the lighting end of the power supply? According to the above problems, we come here in field show! First of all, we need to prepare some tools: 1, the screwdriver main screwdriver apart charging small desk lamp, find out the electrical input, three parts' storage and lighting; 2 the multimeter test work, multimeter, battery output voltage; ( It is assumed that it is 4 VDC) 3, USB charging line ( Cable) 一) Mainly take out the USB line, cut off. It should be consists of four lines; ( Generally speaking, red and black two power supply) b) Plug in the USB interface, use multimeter to test the power supply line and is negative; ( It is assumed that the red line is the positive 5 v, black negative) c) Separate the lighting parts with original desk lamp power supply, peel good need wires; (d) In theory if lighting parts need 4 VDC input, the output of the USB 5 VDC, then directly to the input output are connected can use negative; e) If encounter unexpected situations, lighting the need with USB power supply voltage of 5 VDC differ too much; ( This problem need series resistance or inverter, determined to give up good) 4, insulating tape, stripping pliers, caulking glue the joke again ok, if need to change places with caulking glue tu tu beautiful; Ok, above is how LED rechargeable lamps processing into USB lamp, pay attention to light, to learn more about the USB lamp consultation!
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