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LED the desk lamp that shield an eye and what is the difference between ordinary lamp?

by:Guangli     2020-05-06
Although many students now is favor for the lamp that shield an eye, but there are still most of the students still use common desk lamp, the lamp that shield an eye and what the difference between ordinary lamp? Main know more about students' knowledge of products, and can better understanding the difference between the two, students in learning, it is best to use the lamp that shield an eye to be able very good to protect our eyesight. Ordinary lamp in 50 hz alternating current state to work properly, will happen every second glitters 100 times or so, so high flicker frequency, light by the human eye is to look not to come out. Therefore, under the desk lamp over time, and do not pay attention to use eye sanitation, extremely easy to myopia. And most of the principle of the lamp that shield an eye is to increase the electrical frequency of 50 hz to 40000 to 55000 hz, and the corresponding lamp every second flicker frequency will drop sharply, some even can be reduced to zero, so to protect the vision function. The characteristics of the desk lamp that shield an eye ( 1) Similar to natural pigments, brightness stability, no flicker, won't cause eye fatigue. ( 2) Light emitting area is large, is not easy to produce harmful to the eyesight of glare and large area shadow. ( 3) Instantaneous window, lit after quiet, no noise. ( 4) Save electricity 80% compared with ordinary incandescent lamp, lamp life can reach more than 6000 hours on average. Now many parents at the time of purchase the lamp that shield an eye to the child, do not know how to choose, how to select students the lamp that shield an eye? Has become a problem. The lamp that shield an eye on the market of the brand, price difference is bigger also. When choosing the lamp that shield an eye, want to notice to actually use function, general reading can choose 15 w ~ 18 w energy-saving lamps, choose high frequency of high frequency modulation and eliminate the electromagnetic radiation of electronic circuit, don't be misled by some one-sided propaganda of the brightness of the products. Three, self inductance current if the lamps and lanterns is installed in the line is populated place, it could produce self-induction electric current. Self inductance current is not very big, but enough to make LED lights flashing this time not too good method, if the condition allows, change direction to solve the power lines. If the line has been sealed up, can a 220 v relay on the lamps and lanterns series ( Only pick up coil) Consume, the use of the self inductance coil current.
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