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LED the desk lamp that shield an eye main advantages as follows:

by:Guangli     2020-05-03
( 1) Environmental: no pollution, no ultraviolet, infrared and thermal radiation; ( 2) Low energy design, 150 hours of electricity once, desk lamp in the case of provide sufficient lighting, power as small as possible. Use the light source of semiconductor technology production has a very high photoelectric conversion efficiency, allows you to provide electricity, can maximum limit into light. Dc power supply, which can effectively eliminate the extra electromagnetic loss, further reducing the overall energy consumption, so the power less than seven. 5 w ( 3) Long life light source, 10 years don't have to change the bulb, is 100 times of common bulb ( 4) Light source does not contain toxic heavy metals such as tungsten, mercury. The tungsten filament in the semiconductor light source without them no fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp of mercury inside. ( 5) Security. The 12 v low voltage dc power supply; No easy broken glass parts, ensure the safety of users. 36 v is the minimum voltage, can feel the body is less than 36 v power supply is safe to human body. Don't even need to 3 c certification. Dc power supply, to eliminate the high frequency alternating current (ac) of electromagnetic radiation pollution.
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