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Light Bulb Replacement: Choose the Best Bulb for Your Car

by:Guangli     2020-09-16
If you love to go on long drives during the night, then you definitely need to take care of your car's headlights. A burnt headlight not only affects the appearance of your vehicle, but it also makes your ride unsafe. If there is even a slight doubt about headlight's health, replacing it is a wiser choice. Light bulb replacement is always a recommended way to avoid unwanted mishaps. When it comes to light bulb replacement, the most important thing you need to look for is the size and the type of it. For this, you can read the model number written at the bottom of the their base. A large number of these bulbs are available in the market so that you can choose an apt one for your vehicle.
Xenon bulbs are the most popular and highly preferred by majority of the car owners. Filled with xenon gas, they are much brighter than normal headlight bulbs. These are identical to other halogen bulbs but the only difference is of the gas that is filled in the former. These have the capability to project beam up to a distance of 30m. Furthermore, these are extremely stylish and let you enjoy the riding experience in a brighter manner. Along with this, these are considered legal for use in the headlight.
LED bulbs are also considered as a good choice for light bulb replacement as it produces less heat than other ones. While purchasing LED bulbs, always make sure to check its lumen power. They never run out or rarely needs replacement and thus can be used for a long period of time. Along with vehicles, you can also use these types in case of a power outage in your home. You can also carry them in a console or glove box.
The process of light bulb replacement is quite easy and you can do it on your own as well. Also, you don't need any specific tool to do it. You just need to check at the back of the headlight and locate the bulb holder. It comprises of three wires extended out coming out of the bulb and attached to a plug. This plug is further attached to a metal clip, plastic catch as well as a screw cap. Take out the headlight assemble out from the car. Lastly, replace the burnt one by the newer one and reinstall the congregation. You can also refer the manual for getting complete information regarding this process. If needed, you can also take the help of a professional.
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